Saturday, August 2, 2008

The tale of a confused tomato

As I showed in my last post, my upside-down tomato is a little confused about this growing in a hanging pot business and was doing this:

The very friendly people in the container gardeners group on Ravelry told me that as the fruit get bigger that the stalk will straighten out. Since the plant in the above picture already had 13 fruits on it, I thought it would gradually get pulled down as the fruit get bigger and heavier.

So went to work on Thursday with the plant looking exactly as it does in the above picture but when I came home it was doing this:

It almost completely straightened out over a 6 hour period!

But now that the stalks are growing down, the stems and the fruit (which had been growing parallel to the ground) are now growing sideways:

I hope the stems re-correct as well because I'm worried as the fruit gets bigger that gravity might start pulling it off the stem pre-maturely.

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