Thursday, April 9, 2009

Soap in a Sweater

Joe's birthday was this week and one of the things I made him was a soap in a sweater.  I found the very easy-to-follow directions here.  So now the soap has its own built-in wash cloth.  :-)

Step 1: Card Misc. Scrap Wool to make a mini batt

Step 2: Tear off end and overlap to make a large place for wrapping up the soap

Step 3: Wrap the soap in the mini batt

Step 4: Wrap batt-wrapped-soap with a loosely knit mesh netting with attached single crochet rope for hanging

Step 5: Wet and rub the soap to felt it by hand until it looks about like this:

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  1. Well, I love how you made the new batt from leftovers. This shows exactly how new at this I am. I would try to spin that!

  2. you are a knitting fiend! this blog is very devoted to yarn and other crafty things.

    i guess i just have to say...

    mamas, don't let your baaabies grow up to be, la la la la la (don't know the rest of the words to the song)....

  3. That's a lot better than your average soap-on-a-rope.

    Love it!

  4. Hi! You don't know me but..... I just had an "oh wow" moment!! The other day I googled recipes for low point cupcakes and your recipe from a few years ago came up. (I made them and they are delicious by the way!) So I started checking out your blog and noticed that you follow my sister-in-law's blog "The Leaking Window". What a small world!!! Of all the recipes I could have looked at!! :)

  5. Tamra...

    Indeed! Even smaller still since I am real life friends with Sheri and used to be a children's church leader for the the wee one (well, not so wee anymore....he's getting big).

    And even more funny...since I lived in Boston when I wrote that recipe and Portland was not even a twinkle in my eye yet. So you didn't just pick a recipe of one of Sheri's friends, but you picked a recipe of a random seminary student who would one day become friends with your sister in law.


  6. Wow! I sent Sheri a message last night on FaceBook and told her how I found you as well. You're right, it's even crazier to think that the post I saw was from before you even knew her.
    I'm slowly getting sucked into this blog world and this little "run-in" was just the icing on the cake! :)

  7. I was totally wondering if you could use a doggie brush to make "roving"... and now I see you can. Felting soap is fun...

  8. now this is a cool idea for the old soap on a rope gift for dad's!


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