Monday, January 17, 2011

"Dollar Store" Christmas Round Up

This year has definitely been a financially challenging one for us. My husband was laid off in January, we had a baby in May which involved a mostly unpaid maternity leave as well as huge leftover medical bills. God has been faithful throughout and we have always been able to pay our mortgage even if it had to be a little late.

But what to do for Christmas? I love giving gifts to people but our budget really didn't have any wiggle room in it to make normal gifts happen. We usually try to do homemade gifts, but this year was going to be a bit more extreme...homemade and inexpensive with an attempted budget of $3 or less per gift. Enter Dollar Store Crafts run by the fabulous Heather. Heather specializes in cheap and fabulous crafts made from dollar store (or other inexpensively acquired) finds. While all the gifts we did this year weren't necessarily from her site, Dollar Store Crafts was definitely my inspiration for this year's frugal crafting Christmas.

I have (no joke) been trying to finish this blog post for the last 2 weeks. Oy! I have no idea how those other blogging moms do it. So this isn't everything....BUT I wanted to get something up left this post take any longer.

Frugal Gift #1: Crayon Rolls for Kids

Frugal Gift #2: Foot Warmer

Frugal Gift #3: Manly Chapstick

Frugal Gift #4: Birdhouse


More Awesome Dollar Store Christmas Ideas


  1. Great job on your post! It was worth the wait. :)

    I love the bird house, and the manly chapstick is a great idea.

  2. No wonder it took so long to post this... it is amazing. Look at all that work! Most wouldn't think about your frugality... but about your thoughtfulness in making something homemade!



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