Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Countdown to Spring: Two Buck Tuesday

Have I mentioned yet that I'm excited for Spring? Bring on the mossy verdant decor! I spent $2 at Dollar Tree over the weekend and was able help get our downstairs bathroom one step closer to spring:

Now, I only had to spend $2 because I already had a few of these things on hand. If you're going for a similar look from scratch, you might need to spend a tad more. Most of the stuff up there is from the Dollar Tree, though.
Glass Vessels - $1 each from Dollar Tree (or on hand)
Ivy Vine - $1 from the Dollar Tree (or on hand)
Green LED candle - $3 on sale after last Easter (at Albertson's of all places)
Mossy Rocks - $1 per pack of 5 (this is what I spent my $2 on)

We were actually at Dollar Tree to get a car washing mitt for a different project I hope to show later this week (it's done. Just need to take FO pics). Here's a hint...I'm entering it in this:

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

But back to what I was saying...

We were at Dollar Tree for something else entirely when I saw they had moss covered rocks!  I'd seen a great tutorial over on Dollar Store Crafts last summer using moss covered rocks and had run out to my local Dollar Tree only to be disappointed at the complete absence of mossy rocks. But now they were in!  I was so excited, it definitely took my husband back a bit. I bought a few packs to use for different crafty things but I threw a couple in some glass cylinders, added a candle and some ivy and wha-la! Spring time bathroom. 

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  2. I am seeing these moss balls all over the blogosphere! Everyone keeps saying they got them from the Dollar Tree. I've looked and ours doesn't carry them! I love the springy feeling they give! Nice work!

  3. This looks so great. I too am extremely excited about Spring. Actually I cannot wait for it. I am so sick and tired of the cold weather we had lately. Awesome decorations and they are so cheap.


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