Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peppermint Pretzel Rods - Nailed It!

My good friend Niina who blogs at the Niche comes over to my house once a month or so with her husband and daughter. We usually make dinner together while the kiddos play together. Once dinner is done, we bust out our favorite card game of all time: Dominion.

This week, when they got to my house Niina told me she brought pretzel rods, chocolate chips and Andes mint baking chips because for dessert she wanted to try and recreate some dipped pretzels she had seen on Pinterest.
Photo and tutorial of non-fail pretzel rods from Rhodey Girl Tests
How hard can this be, right? Obviously we don't need to look at the recipe.

So we dumped the bag of chocolate chips in a glass measuring cup and put it in a pan of boiling water to do something kind of double boiler style without, you know, a real double boiler.

And it started to work but the chocolate needed to be thinner.  Thinking the thickness of the glass was what was preventing it from getting meltier (that's totally a word), we popped it in the microwave.

And a weird thing started happening....the chocolate actually started clumping together and getting lumpy and hard.

So we put it back in the "double boiler" but it was no use. The chocolate itself kind of tasted like fudge but wasn't going to be suitable for dipping.

So we moved on to plan B: I had some pink colored "white chocolate" candy wafers in the back of my pantry. The instructions on the bag specifically said you could microwave them.  So we put them in a bowl and microwaved in 30 second intervals until they were melty. But after dipping a couple of pretzels, we realized it really wasn't very runny so we tried microwaving some more to make it melt again....and the same thing happened! It started getting clumpy and hard. We managed to salvage some of the clumpy dip...got it on the pretzels and sprinkled it with chopped andes baking mints.

 And they tasted awesome. But they were definitely not a pretty sight. Puke on a stick, anyone?

I hope I've inspired you to laugh at your own cooking and craft blunders this week. For more awesome Craft Fail moments, check out my friend Heather's website --> CraftFail.com.

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  1. Try adding a little butter to your chocolate, it will help it melt better


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