Friday, September 21, 2012

Styled by Tori Spelling (and Carissa Bonham!) Necklace

This necklace cost less than $10 for me to make!

I'd heard about the Styled by Tori Spelling DIY jewelry line a few months ago and how it was SO easy to make fabulous looking stuff with it. I love the idea of fab handmade jewelry but my brain just isn't wired in a way where I can see plain beads and then figure out how to assemble something awesome looking. SO when I saw some Styled by Tori pieces on sale at Jo-Ann's a few weeks back, I decided I needed to try them.

This necklace is only made from 4 components:

  • The bottom piece (which is the styled by Tori piece, you can get it on Amazon as well. It stretches from the cool broach, all the way to the far right circle where all the bottom strands join
  • Antique gold chain
  • Black grosgrain ribbon
  • A clasp

To put it together, I just attached two short lengths of the antique gold chain to the ends of the Tori Spelling piece. Then I wove some black grosgrain ribbon in and out of the links. And added a clasp.

Easy peasy! It took maybe 15 minutes and that's because I spent so long figuring out the best way to weave in the ends of the ribbon.

If you're a jewelry clutz like me, this line is totally for you! Grab your Jo-Ann's or Michael's coupons from the newspaper and go forth and grab a piece to try!  

I also really like the Styled by Tori Spelling Facebook page because they upload cute inspiration pics from around the web or both jewelry and non-jewelry way to use her stuff.

Wondering if this is a sponsored post? It's not. I bought this product with my own money and liked my end result enough to share it with you. 

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