Friday, April 4, 2014

Show and Tell: My Blogger Business Cards

I'm getting ready to go the the SNAP! Conference in Utah at the end of the month. If you've ever attended a conference, you know that one of the things you need is business cards. When I went last year, I felt like I had a dilemma: The SNAP! Conference is for creative bloggers. As a creative blogger myself, I wanted cute business cards. As a green blogger, I wanted something useful or recyclable

These were my business cards last year:

They were printed on recyclable paper (read: not laminated or glossy coated) and had little glass bottles of glitter attached. (my logo was printed full size on the back). They were....okay. Mostly utilitarian with a little bottle of glitter thrown in for fun.

This year I went a totally different route.

I was inspired by the stampable business card in this image I pinned two years ago. Realizing that bringing business cards to a conference that are stamped on old cereal boxes isn't super glamorous looking, I decided to combine the stamp idea with recyclable brown paper kraft tags. 

To pretty them up a bit, I added green washi tape and green ribbon accents.

I also added an extra card to the back that has my photo and my website logo so help people remember me once they get home from the conference. Here is what the back looks like:

To make the cards, I ordered two different personalized self-inking stamps from I uploaded a black and white image so that I could use the fonts that I use in my branding and they turned out great. The G+ symbol on the bigger stamp didn't turn out as awesome as I would have liked but I think the G was too narrow in the graphic - I don't think it's the company's fault.

Once my images were stamped on my cards, I added green washi tape to add a color accent along the bottom edge on the tags. I used one pattern on the front and one the back but to make it easier, I could have used the same tape for each side so I could just wrap it around the tags.

To give them the final personalized touch, I printed out a sheet of paper that had my photo and logo on it. I cut them out with my Cricut paper trimmer, punched a hole in the top and attached it to the tag with a piece of grosgrain ribbon

Not hard. I tiny bit time consuming but I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Are you going to SNAP! Conference? Leave me a comment below and be sure to link to your blog. I'd love to meet you!

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  1. I really like these! They are so creative and pretty! And I really like how you included all of your social media handles. That's such an awesome idea!


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