Monday, April 21, 2014

Make Style More Comfortable with Earth Footwear!

This post is brought to you by Earth®.

What kind of shoe person are you?

I have friends who are "cute shoe" people. They choose shoes based primarily on how adorable they are and they are okay with quite a bit of discomfort as long as their shoes look great.

I, on the other hand, am a "comfortable shoe" person. I used to be more of a cute shoes person but since having corrective surgery on my feet in 2005 (for a condition that was exasperated in part due to my thoughts on cute shoes) I have realized that life it too short and my feet are too important to cram into shoes that hurt. 

There are, however, a few brands of out there that don't want to make you compromise. These are brands whose mission is to provide cute shoes that fit and are great for your feet! Earth® is one of those brands.

About Earth
Earth Brands is a company with a more than 40-year reputation in the design of comfortable footwear that’s good for the body. You may have heard of Kalso Earth® Shoes - the original wellness shoe. They've recently launched a new line simply known as Earth® which merges style and comfort with the everyday working woman in mind (Yes, moms - you work hard! This includes you!).

Earth® styles include dress shoes for work, casual shoes, boots and just about everything in between. 

Earth® shoes' signature is a cushioned footbed designed to give you all day comfort. Their shoes feature a padded heel, a reinforced arch support and multi-density latex cushioning to help you feel really supported. Learn a little more about the construction of the shoes here.

The Shoes I Tried
The first set of shoes I tried from Earth® were from the new Spring/Summer 2014 line called Butterfly:
These are cute, comfy looking ballet flats with a fun embellishment on the front. They are made from suede with a leather lining and coming in several fun colors. I ordered a size 11 (yes, I realize I have huge viking feet!) and was so sad when they turned out to be too narrow. So narrow, in fact, that they were actually a little painful to wear. While I do have wide-ish feet, I have worn plenty of normal width shoes which either fit or may be a tad snug but not painfully tight. 

So I told Earth® their shoes were adorable but they just weren't going to work for me so I was sadly going to have to send them back.

They wanted a second chance to try again so they sent me another pair of shoes - this time ones that came in a wide width: The Azalea.

Azalea is a fun summer sandal with a leather upper and a kitten wedge. They have a cushioned footbed which made my feet feel cradled and well supported. The arch support was great and I could tell that these would be easier on my feet to wear all day long than hard flat sandals where your feet slip around a lot.

Even though they sent me an 11 wide, they felt more like a half step between an 11 regular and an 11 wide instead of a true wide width shoe. If you have wide feet, be sure to see my final thoughts below!

Final Thoughts
Things I love about Earth®:
  • These shoes are clearly well-made and designed to last.
  • They have so many styles available- you're sure to find something (or lots of somethings!) that you love.
  • They are designed to keep your foot -and therefore your body- well supported.
  • The level of quality you get for the price (most of their shoes are less than $100) is excellent.
Things I wish were different:
My only complaint about these shoes is how narrow they felt. If you have narrow feet, these would a great line for you! If you have normal width or wide width feet, however, be sure to shop for Earth® shoes at a brick-and-mortar shoe retailer so you have a chance to try them on in person. Be aware that for the best fit you may want to select a wide width size if your feet are only a little wider than normal.

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disclosure: This post was sponsored by Earth® together with Mamavation media. I was compensated for my time spent reviewing these shoes. All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest. Please see my complete review policy for more details.

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