Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ladies' Downton Abbey Tea Party- and GIVEAWAY

This post is brought to you by World Market.
Photos by Niina Downey and Carissa Bonham.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me talk about my love for Downton Abbey or seen pictures of the weekly tea parties my best friend, Niina, and I had last season as we watched the new episodes each week. This year, thanks to World Market, we were able to significantly up our tea party game. 

I wrote earlier about the Downton Abbey Shop at World Market stores. I hit up my local Portland, OR store right before Thanksgiving and picked up everything I needed to host a super fancy tea party - tea cups, a tea pot and treat server. Plus exclusive Downton inspired treats like organic scone baking mix and black currant jam

Set up

My friend came over with her daughter to help me set everything up and photogaph it as well. Niina brought over some adorable little chalkboard name tags which we labeled with "Lady (name)" for everyone in their place. Everyone got a dessert plate plus a cup and saucer. It all felt so fancy and very Downton!

We set out the Downton Tiered Server with scones made from World Market's organic scone mix and a variety of sweet candies and cookies (also from World Market).

We also prepared a variety of finger sandwiches made with different combinations of cream cheese, cucumbers and smoked salmon. Not everyone was a salmon fan so we cut the salmon ones into rectangles and the non-fish ones into triangles to make them easy to identify on the plate.

Kids Table
We also set a kids' table so our four year olds could join in. They got scottie dog cookies, scones and peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches.

The grown ups all came dressed up and the kids were no exception. E wore her pearls and K wore a a dress shirt and vest. They LOVED it. So many times grown ups feel like they can't do fun things if they don't have childcare, but we just included the kids and everyone had a lot of fun. Although it looks fancy, this tea set was surprisingly durable. A few things were bumped or knocked (hello, four year olds!) but the whole tea set came through with no broken dishes!

The Party
Over at the grown up table, we were having fun as well. Niina and I had some fancy headbands from World Market that reminded me of Rose from Downton Abbey (this one and this one). Everyone wore pearls to add to the Downton-y atmosphere. 
This is my mom! Hi, Mom!

This is Niina and her fancy headband. So pretty!

World Market sent us some of the Butler's Panty blend tea for the party and Oh-My-Goodness was it delicious! 

We had so much fun with this tea party. It was especially great to have my mom and sister there since my sister was on leave (she's in the army) and we almost never get to see her - let alone have fun tea parties! Now that we have a full fancy tea set, Niina and I will have to up our game and will definitely be breaking it out on a regular basis to watch Downton Abbey once it starts again in January!
A big thank you to World Market for letting me participate in this fun assignment and to Niina for helping me wrangle kiddos, set the table and take photos! You can see more photos and Niina's take on the party on her blog: Life Beyond the Picket Fence.

Interested in hosting your own Downton Abbey tea party?


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