Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teach Your Kids How to Read - The Easy Way!

This post is brought to you by Reading Eggs.

My son has had a particular inclination toward letters and language from a young age. Once he learned how to talk he would not be quiet unless he was sleeping. When it came time to teaching him how to read, though, we were at a bit of a loss. I'd heard of different and contradictory theories about teaching kids to read and it was really overwhelming.

Last summer, though, we had a chance to try Reading Eggs (and their companion program, Math Seeds). The first thing they did was let K take a quick and fun quiz to see what he knew already. This was great since K could already identify upper and lower case letter and many of their basic sounds. 

What It's Like

If your kids like playing games on your phone, tablet or computer, they will love this. It is basically a huge game with tons of levels. During the initial trial,  K played it on my computer. The only problem is that we only own one computer and, well, I use it to work!

This was okay because once we taught him how to use the mouse, he could play the game almost entirely on his own. This was awesome because it gave him some productive learning time while I did things "helper" free like make dinner.

Kids get to make their own personalized Avatar to move around the game board to play the games and different levels

When our membership expired I wasn't ready to renew since work had picked up and the time K would be able to use my computer was shrinking. As we approached Christmas, though, K kept asking if he could play Reading Eggs. After I explained why we didn't have it anymore (it expired and we had to pay to turn it back on) he decided to make it one of the first items on his Christmas list. You would not believe how excited he was when he found out his grandma had renewed his Reading Eggs subscription for him!

This is a sight word drill. The program tells him a word and he has to tap on the right word in time.
Luckily, about this time I ended up purchasing an iPad. Reading Eggs has a dedicated ap for iPad that lets him play - and in a much more intuitive touch screen environment. Now that he could use Reading Eggs on the iPad, he was more excited to play and was whipping through lessons. He even started singing some of the catchy songs from the game around the house - which helps him cement the concepts he's learning.

It's amazing the difference playing this game can make. When he first started playing, he could suddenly read a nice collection of about 12 words within just the first few days. Now that he's played more, he's gotten quite good at sounding out words as well as identifying sight words like "is" and "the" - he's even started reading whole sentences!

In this exercise, the program reads him a sentence and he has to drag the blocks to the right place to spell it out.
It's really quite amazing to me how much he can learn just by playing games. I have another friend who had a similar experience with her son and Reading Eggs. She told me "he just played the game and in the end he could read. It was amazing!". And I absolutely agree. Who knew that learning how to read could be so easy and so fun? No stress for mom? Tons of fun for kids? There is no losing!

It really is the perfect solution for teaching reading at home or even just reinforcing the reading concepts they are already learning in school.

Try It Yourself!

Reading Eggs is letting me offer an exclusive free trial to Creative Green Living readers. You can try Reading Eggs yourself for a full four weeks for free. When I say free, it is truly free - you don't even have to provide your credit card information. No sneaky charges on your bill - just a chance to let your kid play Reading Eggs to see if it does the same kind of magic for you that it did for us.

**Free trial offer must be activated on or before February 28th, 2015

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  1. Boy times have sure changed, haven't they!? My kids are too old for this but there are similar online tools for them for math that have been super effective. Sharing this with friends with young kids.

  2. I've always found that if you make learning fun, kids will be much more intrigued!


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