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Healthy Feeding Options for Babies from The Honest Company

This post is brought to you by The Honest Company.

Moms (and dads!), have you had a chance to try anything from The Honest Company? You may have seen their super cute diapers at Target or their shampoo at Costco. I'll freely admit that even though we are a cloth diaper family, when we need disposables - because we occasionally do, we always buy the ones from The Honest Company (which you can try for FREE by clicking here. Free diapers? Heck yes!).

Honest Feeding

Honest Company makes a whole lot of awesome things from vitamins and supplements to diapers (these are my favorite disposables!) and even cleaning supplies. They recently added to their huge product catalog by launching a new Honest Feeding Line. Whether you're a nursing mom (I am!), or a family using formula - or a little of both, you'll find great high quality products that I'm sure you'll love.

The Honest Feeding Line includes:

Baby DHA: Carefully sourced from premium fish oil with added Vitamin D3 that provides critical support for brain and eye development. It earned the highest Five-Star IFOS rating for purity, potency, and freshness. There are no hexane extracted ingredients (this was super important to me). It tastes lemony and while you can mix it into baby food, formula or expressed breast milk, Baby A will take it straight from the dropper - no fighting to get him to take it. This has definitely not been the case with other brands of supplements we've tried in the past so for all these great features AND baby friendly taste, this is a Creative Green Living favorite product! 
Baby A gives The Honest Company's Baby DHA two baby sized thumbs up!
Other products in the feeding line include: 

Lactation Plus: Highly targeted, scientifically formulated blend of botanical extracts and organic ingredients designed to help support breast milk production. It comes in an easy to swallow capsule instead of a questionable tasting tea. 

2-in-1 Nursing Cover + Scarf: Designed in collaboration with Piece & Co., stylish year-round accessory and easy privacy cover for nursing made of soft and breathable 100% organically grown cotton.

Organic Nipple Balm: Organic, lanolin free salve helps to soothe pain and irritation and encourage healing to relieve and revitalize nursing nipples. 

Nursing Pillow: Foam-free and specially designed to offer stable support and comfort for both baby and mom, with a superior patented surface that gently angles baby to encourage optimal feeding position.

Natural Feeding Baby Bottle: Features a highly innovative design using medical-grade silicone and peristaltic nipple to closely mimic natural breastfeeding, squeezable bottle and integrated tri-vent system to reduce gas, colic, reflux, and spit-up. 

Natural Feeding Peristaltic Nipples: Medical-grade silicone with flex accordion design allows baby to feed in natural, wave-like motion to provide easy assimilation and transition between breast and bottle-feeding.

Certified Organic Premium Infant Formula: Meticulously blended using ingredients sourced from trusted organic farms, made without GMOs and “Honestly Free” of gluten, pesticides, carrageenan, hexane-extracted DHA, antibiotics, growth hormones,, and artificial colors and dyes. 

Formula Dispenser: Convenient 3-compartment solution for easy, hygienic feeding: anywhere, anytime.

Please note: While I have not personally tried every product in the feeding line, I have tried several things from the feeding line (and lots of their other products) and can truthfully say I have never tried something from The Honest Company that I disliked. For this reason, I feel confident recommending this company as a whole, including their feeding line to you!

Try it yourself!

The Honest Company makes it super easy to try their products right from their website and you can bundle products together to save even more! Their bundles let you set up auto shipments so you never need to worry about running out of diapers, formula or other essentials. Or just pop in from time to time to order what you need as you need. 

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  1. It sounds like a great brand. It is important to feed babies the best.

  2. The Honest Company looks to me to have some great products!

  3. sounds like a great brand to invest in. they have good products by the looks.

  4. Products have come a long way since my teenagers were babies. I love that parents have so many wonderful options nowadays!


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