Monday, April 20, 2015

In Celebration of "Imperfect" Fruits and Veggies & GIVEAWAY

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One of my favorite things about home gardening is that I get to keep all the fruits and veggies. And by that I mean that I get to keep the "ugly" ones, too - the carrots that are twisted around each other, the tomatoes that developed noses, the conjoined twin cucumbers - the kinds of things you can't find in the store. I take a (perhaps odd) special delight in unusually shaped fruits and vegetables. They taste just as good AND they are fun!

Unfortunately most food marketers in America are not on Team Ugly Veggie. In fact, in the US, we throw away close to 40% of the food we grow! Forty freaking percent! And it isn't because the food is rotten or spoiled - many times, it's because the food is "imperfect" - it didn't meet our airbrushed, magazine quality photo standard of veggie beauty so it's tossed aside. We don't need GMOs to feed the world: we need to eat the perfectly healthy, nutritious food we are already growing and embrace the curved cucumber and three pronged carrot.

Meet Eden

I was recently introduced to Eden, makers of fresh cold-pressed juices. Eden is with me on Team Ugly Veggie. They understand that carrots that aren't perfectly straight still taste great and are high in nutrition. In fact, the mission of their company is to make fresh, cold-pressed juices from imperfect fruits and veggies. Their motto is "Diversity and imperfections aren't flaws to be corrected but traits to be celebrated." - and I couldn't agree more! 

Healthy food for everyone

As if throwing away perfectly awesome food wasn't bad enough, this is happening while more than 1 million American kids are going hungry without access to fresh and healthy fruits and veggies. The food we need to feed everyone is available - we're just throwing it out instead of feeding the people who need it most. 

In addition to making their awesome juices from food that would otherwise go to waste, Eden wants to help do something about access to nutrition, too. Eden has plans to work with schools in low income areas to make delicious, healthy fresh juice available at a price the families there can afford.

Help out!

I'm really excited not just about the prospect of healthy fresh juice (which is SO different nutritionally from the shelf stable stuff doled out to WIC families in the grocery store) BUT about the real difference that can be made in the food system by both using the "uglies" and making sure that the end product is affordable for everyone.

In order to make that happen, Eden needs to scale up their production and they've started a Kickstarter campaign to do just that. Click here to go check out their campaign on Kickstarter.

You can also follow along with Eden online on these social channels:
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The only thing better than awesome juice is FREE awesome juice. If you enter the giveaway below by joining Eden's mailing list, you'll be entered to win one of three $150 Visa Gift Cards - which you can use to buy a whole bunch of juice (or really, anything else!)

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