Monday, June 29, 2015

Screen-Free Way to Keep Kids Entertained During Summer Travel

Summer travel can be rough on kids. Whether it's hours in the car on a road trip or being "stuck" at a beach house with no toys, kids can start to feel uncomfortable without things to do. During these times many parents will turn to screens - tablets, smart phone or the TV to keep kids entertained. While screen time is fine in small doses, make sure you don't let the screens take over - there are great "analog" activities for kids, too!

Lego Juniors 

Lego® has a great line called Lego Juniors, which are designed for ages 4-7. The beauty of the Juniors kits is that they are easy to put together with the included instruction book - with very little need for parents to intervene or explain complicated instructions. In fact, my son put together all of the pieces and asked for my help only once!

Lego on the Go

While Legos aren't naturally the first thing that pops in my head regarding portable toys, the Lego® Juniors suitcases make it easy to bring your Legos with you. My son recently spent about 90 minutes parked outside on a shady patio building and playing with the things in his Lego suitcase. That's an hour and a half, people!

If you have older kids, you may have just blown by that last sentence. If you have a five year old - especially an active five year old - you probably share my sentiment that anything that will keep their interest that long it worth its weight in gold! Luckily, the Lego Juniors Suitcases are only about $20.

Independent Play

I love playing with my son. There are also plenty of times where I want to sit and visit with other grown ups. If I have to be the one actively entertaining him all the time, I miss out on valuable grown up time. The Lego Juniors suitcases are great because they have several different things they can put together - and once they are assembled, can spark even more time using them in imaginative play. Once this market was assembled, K really enjoyed figuring out where he wanted the different market items to go and was able to take his Lego people on shopping trips to buy groceries.

For our vacation time this summer, you bet we are bringing the Lego Juniors kits with us (we have two). The amount of quiet time we squeeze out of each kit is amazing - plus he's practicing valuable engineering skills that will serve him well as he grows (he does insist he's going to be a construction worker after all!).

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  1. Great ideas! We're always trying to find fun alternatives to screen time!

  2. Those are SO cute! I have to get that grocery store for my niece!! :0


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