Monday, August 17, 2015

The Importance of Saving for a Sunny Day

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You often hear people talking about saving for a rainy day. For when things don't go as planned. And you need a new roof. Or you need to fix your car. Saving for life's unexpected emergencies is important because it lets you avoid digging yourself a debt hole with credit cards when things happen out of the blue.

But what about when things aren't going wrong...they're going right?

Our sunny day

I've written before about the crazy miracle that our first born son is (read the background and birth story here). Baby K is one of the biggest blessings and best things that has ever happened to me. One of the things I haven't talked about here in regard to having K was the price.

Even though I had insurance and had a normal uncomplicated delivery, after insurance paid their part, we were left with a hospital bill of more than $6,000. $6000 that we did not have. 

Our "rainy day" fund had probably $200 in it - enough to cover a surprise vet bill or a simple car repair. That $200 would only cover 3% of our hospital bill. We hadn't saved enough or planned to be financially prepared for our sunny day.

The importance of savings

Some of the most important, beautiful, fabulous parts of our lives - going to college, having a baby, retiring - are expensive. And too often, we aren't saving up for them. We might save for short term things - a pair of shoes, a great set of cookware, a vacation - but we are often woefully short when we need cash for the things that are way more important than shoes. 

SunTrust bank wants to help you get ready for your "sunny day" moment - whether it's having a baby, saving for adoption or saving up for preschool. Visit them online to get free advice, tips and tools and get started saving for your sunny day.

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