Friday, November 20, 2015

What to Do if Your Kids Get Sick Over the Holidays

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Have you ever gone out of town for the holidays and suddenly one of your kids starts acting funny? Not funny like: they ate too much fruitcake and are running around grandma's house with underwear on their heads. Funny like: weirdly lethargic, coughing and now they are starting to run a fever. That kind of funny - minus the "funny" part. 

What do you do? If you're out of town and not familiar with the area it can feel overwhelming. Very few clinics are open during the holidays and the ones that are (read: the emergency room) are going to charge you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to sit and wait for several hours before letting you talk to anyone other than a triage nurse.

Why Moms Love AmWell

With the online doctor service, Amwell, you don't need to comb the internet to find a clinic that's open. You don't need to race to get there before they close. Instead, you just log in, give some basic information and find a provider that you want to speak with.

It will have you fill out some forms about your symptoms and if the doctor is already meeting with another patient, you'll see this:

When I used the service, I didn't have to wait very long (maybe 10 minutes). The best part was I didn't need to load my family into the car - right from my computer, tablet or smartphone, I had access to dozens of board certified doctors.

The visits cost less, too. I personally don't have health insurance because I find it costs less to pay $200 out of pocket to visit the doctor a couple times a year than it does to pay more than $200 a month for insurance. Amwell visits, though, cost less than $50! Many insurance companies cover Amwell visits, too - so the cost to you may be less if you are insured.

That makes this not just more convenient, but more affordable too!

Try it yourself!

Amwell is giving Creative Green Living readers a chance to try Amwell for just $1! Click this link to visit the Amwell site and enter code BEWELL19 when you enter your payment information - and your first visit will be only $1!

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  1. Illnesses during the holiday season are the worst ... especially if you're traveling! That service is great!

  2. I had no idea you could do this! Great info. Thanks so much for sharing.


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