Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vanilla Peppermint Sugar Scrub

I love giving healthy personal care products for quick and easy Christmas gifts. Using staples that you already have in your kitchen and some yummy essential oils, you can create a great DIY sugar scrub that will exfoliate dead skin and smell delicious at the same time! One of the best parts about this project is that you do not have to be crafty to pull it off!

The "Candy Cane" essential oil blend from Rocky Mountain Oils is blend of peppermint, orange, lavender and vanilla essential oils that smells like peppermint candy! Using it together with the "Blend of Vanilla" smooths it out and help wake you up in the shower and start your day in an awesome mood.


*for a softer scrub, use a mix of 1/4 cup melted coconut oil and 1/4 cup unscented or natural mint handwash like Everyone Winter Mint

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Watch me make it live!

STEP 1: Mix

In a glass bowl, mix together sugar and coconut oil. Assess texture and add more oil (for a wetter scrub) or sugar (for a drier scrub) as desired.

STEP 2: Split

Move half of the sugar mixture to a separate bowl. Add coloring powder, a little at a time to one bowl, mixing well before adding more--until desired color is reached.

STEP 3: Add oil

Add 40 drops of "Blend of Vanilla" to the white scrub and mix well to incorporate. Add 8 drops of "Candy Cane" to the red scrub and mix well to incorporate.
(note: Rocky Mountain Oils' "Blend of Vanilla" is a vanilla essential oil that is already cut with fractionated coconut oil, which is why 40 drops is needed for this recipe. If you use another brand of undiluted vanilla essential oil, only use 4 drops.)

STEP 4: Layer it

Using a long, narrow spoon, scoop some of the white scrub into the jar and smooth it out to make a white layer. Next, scoop some of the red mix into the jar and smooth it out to make a red layer. Continue alternating colors like this until the jar is full.

STEP 5: Wrap It

If desired, add a pretty label to the jar so your gift recipient knows what it is and tie it up with a ribbon and a sprig of rosemary or small Christmas tree bough. You may also want to give a tiny spoon with the scrub to help the recipient to better get it out of the jar when it's time to use it!

To Use:

To use the scrub, scoop some out into your hands while in the shower. Allow a little warm water to run into your hands to activate it and scrub on skin that needs extra exfoliation. It also makes a great gardener's or mechanic's hand scrub to help get deep dirt off of your hands.

Warning: The coconut oil in the scrub can make your shower floor slippery so use caution.

Happy Gifting!

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  1. Nice gift--I bet this smells great.

  2. Sounds YUMMY!! Thanks for the video!

  3. This is such a cute ideaa! My name is Kim Wolff but this is posting as my grandson.

  4. Love that you use Rocky Mountain oils! That's my fav brand too!


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