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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Have you made a fairy garden yet? You can check out the fairy garden I made last year, here. This year, I'm upping my fairy garden game and I made my own fairy house. But not just any house. This house is made from recycled materials AND it's solar powered! The solar powered roof collects sunlight during the day - and then at night, the windows will glow! Sweet!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Have you ever needed to have a party for your gluten free, grain free, dairy free, processed food free friend or family member and had NO IDEA what to do? Or maybe you're the one with dietary restrictions and you are tired of not having dessert. Whether you or a friend is a vegan, paleo, or gluten free, you can still make a fun "cake" that everyone will enjoy. It has the added perk of being no-bake, which means no heating up your home during the summer!

Friday, May 20, 2016

I don't remember when I first heard about the pazookie, but clearly it has stuck with me, because it is just about one of my favorite desserts now. It is a cookie the size of a pizza (almost), very soft in the middle, served with several scoops of ice cream on top (basically the most divine dessert out there).  The ice cream on top starts to melt, because the cookie is straight out of the oven, and as it melts, it runs into the cracks and holes left by your spoon, making it a gooey, chocolatey, ice creamy mess that will make your tongue sing!   

I debated on how to add the peanut butter when I came up with this recipe.  I don't love peanut butter cookies, because the peanut butter generally makes the cookie crumbly and kind of dry, so instead, I made a delicious chocolate chip cookie, and put a peanut butter chocolate filling in between two layers of the cookie dough.  That way the cookie dough is not compromised, but you still get the peanut butter goodness.  

It is just about the most decadent, delicious dessert that you could possibly want.  Also, it is great for an intimate gather of friends or family, because it only serves a few (in this case, six).  I am not going to pretend that this is a super healthy dessert, but it is one of the most delicious desserts that you could possibly have!  Make it and you definitely won't regret it.  


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I write about gardening a lot. I've been growing things since I was a child and having a garden saves my family a lot of money on our grocery bill every spring and summer. Even though I've got lots of great beginning gardener tips, some people feel like they need a little extra help in the gardening department.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Recently, a lot of shocking and horrifying information has come out about non-stick cookware.  Carissa wrote a very informative article about why you should get rid of any non-stick pots and pans that you own.  You should go read it now, and then throw yours out immediately.  

I decided to toss mine a few months ago, because I had a small metal frying pan to supplement the non-stick one, but honestly after trying to use it as a replacement for a few weeks, I realized it just wasn't cutting it.  

Thankfully, a few weeks after mine got thrown away, my mom sent me this beautiful Lodge cast iron skillet.  It was a perfect replacement, because cast iron develops a non-stick surface over time if properly cared for.  

Also, it looks WAY better in photos than my old half-broken frying pan did.  I now want to cook everything in it, just so I can photograph it!  

Whether you are thinking about replacing your non-stick pans and aren't sure how to care for a cast-iron skillet, or you already own one and are struggling to keep it looking beautiful, look no further!  

Cleaning and seasoning will keep your cast iron skillet functional and beautiful for years to come!  

Saturday, April 30, 2016

As the weather warms up and you're able to get outside with your kids, make crafting part of your adventure! There are lots of fun crafts you can do with the natural elements around you or that will let you enhance your yard or garden.

This Earth Month, TurfMutt and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute's Education and Research Foundation are partnering with Creative Green Living to help spread the word about their educational website featuring TurfMutt and the Outdoor Powers. Check it out here!

Friday, April 29, 2016

If you could save money shopping online and divert waste from landfills at the same time, would you do it?

For example: Would you want to save 75% on power tools by buying one that came wrapped in bubble wrap instead of its original box?

Um, let me think...YES! Of course you would. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Are you looking for a healthy, protein-packed lunch recipe? These tuna stuffed avocado cups will not disappoint! This recipe is simple and delicious - and it's Whole 30 compatible to boot. That's a win all around!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Do you ever have a weeknight where you are too tired to cook? Or it's hot out and you don't want to warm up the house even more by cooking? I'll admit it: I've had several of these nights lately. Instead of ordering a pizza, though, I've been making smoothie bowls - and my family is loving it!

Making a smoothie bowl takes less time than picking up take-out and is SO MUCH BETTER for you. Plus, when you make your smoothie bowls extra thick, your kids will feel like they are eating ice cream for dinner - but it's actually full of healthy fruit, seeds and veggies. WIN!

Before we jump into the recipe, I want to thank Earthbound Farm for sponsoring this post. They have a delicious variety of organic salad mixes that are great for salads, sides, smoothies and more. During the month of April, pop over to to take a quiz and get a coupon for $1 off any Earthbound Farm product (plus  they will plant a tree for every quiz taken - up to 20,000!). Awesome!

Let's hop into the recipe shall we?


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

There is no denying that homemade popcorn is much better for you than most varieties of microwave popcorn, but another thing that I love about making popcorn at home is being able to be creative with the toppings.

You can top popcorn with a variety of ingredients at pantry staples like spices, nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, cheese, and chocolate.  I have a pretty strong sweet tooth, so I almost always opt for a sweet variety.

This chocolate orange popcorn is quite perfect for a sweet tooth, with a lovely coating of dark chocolate and some lighter notes of citrus peeking through.

I am also a huge fan of mixing sweet and salty, so I think the turbinado sugar and the sea salt play fabulously against each other.   Plus, the sugar adds a nice crunch.

This will be sure to please any crowd at any time, movie or no movie, day or night.  Just try not to eat the whole bowl in one sitting!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

So you've seen the smoothie bowl trend and now you want a part of the action? I'm here to help!

I am constantly on the go and end up drinking most of my smoothies through a straw. A smoothie bowl, though, is a great change of pace. It gives you the nutritional power of a smoothie and the satisfaction of any other kind of breakfast you eat with silverware. It helps you slow down a bit to become more mindful of what you're eating instead of gulping it down on the go. Plus the toppings are great. The toppings can really make or break a smoothie bowl.

When I posted this smoothie to Instagram this week, I saw people mentioning they had never had a smoothie bowl before and wanted some detailed directions. So here they are!

Oh? And if you decide that eating your smoothie with a spoon isn't your style, my son proved that it's just as good in a glass jar with a straw

(PS if you don't already own stainless steel straws, you're missing out! These are the ones I like best for smoothies.)


Saturday, April 9, 2016

This post brought to you by ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Creative Green Living.

Do you carry a reusable water bottle with you? Nearly everywhere I go, I either have a water bottle or a travel cup with a lid so I can stay hydrated. 

If I run out of water, though, things can get tricky. Have you ever tried to fill a water bottle at a regular drinking fountain? You have to hold the bottle at an angle in order to catch the water - and often times you can't even fill it half way because the angle makes the water start running out of the top before it's full!

I'm so glad that I've started seeing ezH2O bottle filling stations by Elkay popping up at places like the airport, city hall and even grocery stores near me. The machines are super easy to use - just take the top off your bottle or cup and hold it under the spout. The motion sensor turns on the water and turns it off again when you take it away. 

The water is nice and cold, it fills your bottle all the way AND you didn't have to touch a drinking fountain - which is a huge plus during cold and flu season when the less you can touch community spaces, the better. 

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