Bee Party Activity: Host a Bee Hunt! (Plus How to Make Bees from Easter Eggs)

How to Make Bees from Easter Eggs
Friends will help you get ready for your son's third birthday party. Best friends will sit with you all day when you have a crazy craft idea and help you implement it!

HUGE props to my friend, Niina (she blogs here) for helping me make these. After begging leftover yellow Easter eggs off my friends for weeks, Niina and I sat down to churn out a small army of Easter egg bees for an epic bee hunt for K's party!

The kids had a lot of fun finding their bee eggs which were filled mostly with stickers and temporary tattoos (because I don't know about you but the last thing I want to see at a kids birthday party is more sugar!).
Here is how we made the bees for the hunt:



Step 1: Stuff the eggs
Start by putting the stuffing inside the eggs. We used stickers and temporary tattoos but use whatever you'd like.

Step 2: Stripes
Use scissors to cut a piece of electric tape long enough to go around the circumference of the egg. Before you attach it, however, cut it in half length-wise. Wrap the tape around the middle of the egg to make a stripe. Use the other half to make a second stripe near the narrow end of the egg.

Step 3: Make a face
Cut pieces of pipe cleaner about 1.5 inches and use the pliers to curl the ends under. Attach two of these antenna and two googly eyes to the broad end of the egg to make a face.

Step 4: Wings
Cut two "B" shaped pieces from the white craft foam. Attach to the back of the bee using hot glue.

Step 5: Repeat!
Keep going to make bees until you have a whole bucket full to use for a fun bee party hunt!

Step 6: Set up the hunt
Hide the bees for the kids and watch them have fun collecting little bumbly friends!

(Like the cool bee bag? Check out my bee bag tutorial here)

Need more bee party ideas? 

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  1. Not sure what happened to my other comment:

    Adorable party theme, Carissa!!!!

    Did you use hot glue to attach the antennae????
    Love the idea of putting stickers and temp tattoos inside. My little granddaughter is fed WAY tooooooo much sugar. It concerns me. :(
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks, Janis! I used hot glue to attach everything to the bees except the electric tape (so that includes the antenna)


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