Dollar Store Snow Ball Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make this dollar star ornament #creativegreenliving

I love making Christmas Ornaments. So much that sometimes I worry that one year I'm going to run out of room on my tree to hang them up! This ornament was super easy to make and used materials from the dollar store so it's super affordable, too!


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Step 1: Write on the bucket
I wrote "Let it Snow" in a dot style alphabet with the marker.
#letitsnow #creativegreenliving

Step 2: Cut the styrofoam ball in half
Rub the two sides together to remove the crumbly edges. Insert half of the ball into the bucket, curved side down.
Snowball Christmas ornament #creativegreenliving #easycheapchristmasdecorations

Step 3: Add snowballs
Squeeze a generous amount of glue onto the styrofoam. Add 4 pom poms to fill the space at the top of the bucket. Add glue to the bottom of one more pom pom and add it to the top.
#creativegreenliving #dollartreeart

Step 4: Make a ribbon hanger
Cut a length of the thin ribbon and tie it onto the handle to create a way to hang the ornament.

#creativegreenliving #dollartreeproject #cheapchristmasdecorations

That's it! It was super easy and I think it's pretty cute. These would be a great craft to make with kids (maybe a class project?) that looks great when done.

Do you love Christmas ornaments, too? I have a whole pin board full! Check it out and follow along here:

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