How to Throw an EASY {Boy Friendly} Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party ideas

We've all seen them - the Pinterest Parties. I may have even thrown a few myself. I love Pinterest because there are really so many great ideas - fun, crafty, awesome ideas - but not everyone has time to pull off a fancy, over the top, immaculately crafted party (am I right?). Just because you don't have 40 spare hours to spend crafting for a birthday party doesn't mean it has to be lame, does it? Of course not!

This year, my oldest son turned five and he wanted a Frozen birthday party. This year, I am also crazy busy and did not have time to make everything for his party from scratch - and that's okay! I was able to combine a lot of the great Frozen branded party items from Party City with some super simple DIYs to give it more of a personalized feel and everyone had a great time. Here's what I did!

Easy Invitations

For invitations, I created a private Facebook event page and then also printed out the above invitations as postcards. I use Office Depot for all my color printing needs - they are super affordable and my local store gives me great service. I can email them my files, tell them how many I need and when I want to pick it up and they always do a great job (call your local store and ask them for the print department's e-mail address to do something similar!).

Easy Venue

I have had exactly one birthday party that I have hosted at my house and that was enough to tell me that I never want to host a birthday party at my house again! True story. The amount of pre-party clean up and prep needed combined with the fact that I live in a fairly small house means that I am happy to pay to have it somewhere else! 

We rented a covered picnic pavilion at my son's favorite park for a paltry $30. This particular park has two different playgrounds plus a huge field which not only meant I didn't have to do any cleaning, but it also meant I didn't have to plan a lot of activities!

Easy Food

To dress up the otherwise simple food (sandwiches, olives, carrots, cheese, ranch dip, water, cupcakes) I picked up some chalkboards from Craft Warehouse and wrote movie references on them (with these chalk markers - way better than normal chalk). 

I decided to save myself time by buying cupcakes from a local bakery and adding Frozen picks from Party City (I made them look fancier by stacking them on this cupcakes stand). I ordered the sandwiches from Jimmy John's (as Anna's favorite food of course you need to serve them at a Frozen party!) and the "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" station was super easy things that I just dumped in bowls - baby carrots, pretzels, olives and cheese. Easy peasy!

Easy Decorations

The food table was the main decorative component. We ordered two different kinds of "lunch plates" (these and these) as well as two different kinds of "dessert plates" (these and these). When we put them out on the table we alternated them in the stack and then put babyfood jars willed with glass gems on top to keep them from blowing away in the wind. We also had several Olaf toys that we set out on the tables.

We also got these fabulous kid sized Olaf balloons from Party City and had them inflated locally. We also got some regular latex balloon bouquets with blue and white balloons mixed together. After the party, we gave balloons away as party favors.

Easy Activities

One of the main reasons we chose to do the party in the park was because we wanted the playground to be the main activity. We did have a Frozen Beanbag Toss set up off to the side that kids could use during free play time.  

We also had an Olaf Piñata that we filled with tiny bottles of bubbles, organic fruit snacks and Annie's snack packs. The kids had tons of fun hitting the piñata and none of the parents hated us for sending their kids home with tons of junky GMO candy.

Easy Favors

We have a rule in our house that if we are going to do party favors, it has to be a thing that kids would actually want and use (and parents won't hate us for handing out!). Party City had these awesome pre-packed favor bags that came with a coloring book, crayons and stickers. They were super affordable and something kids would actually use - no random plastic doo-dads. We kept them in a Frozen bucket to look pretty (and of course we'll re-use the bucket all summer between the pool and the beach). We also let kids take home some of the balloons to spread the love and enjoyment.

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Material items disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but many of the Frozen themed party supplies featured were provided by Party City - including the piñata, plates, napkins, cake picks, beanbag toss game, tablecloths, Olaf plush toys, balloons, and party favors. If you have a question about an item featured in this post, please feel free to ask in the comments! All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Party City. For more information, see my full sponsored post and review policy.

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