Make Friendly Spiders from Upcycled Flower Pots

This post is brought to you by FolkArt Paint.

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Plaid Crafts recently asked me to use some of their FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint to whip up some budget friendly Halloween decor. To meet their challenge, I decided to transform some flower pots into adorable spiders. This is a perfect way to repurpose used terracotta pots (just wash them first!) - or if needed you can pick up some new ones at your local craft store or dollar store for less than $1 each!

The great thing about the FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint is that not only can you use it on everything from wood to pottery to glass and more - but it is super durable, too! This means that these decorations will resist both moisture and rust so you can leave them outside without worries. Of course the greenie in me loves that it's a non-toxic water based formula - so no stinky smells or VOCs to pollute the air in my home.


For each spider you will need:


Step 1: Paint
Use the "licorice" (black) FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint to paint the pot black. Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Add a face
Use the "parchment" (off white) paint to add two circles for the eyes. Use a thin brush to add a smile with the purple. Give these two features a few minutes to dry (it doesn't take long!) before coming back and adding small black pupils to the eyes (I made mine a little "crazy" to make him look friendlier) and small white fangs under the smile with a small detail brush.

Step 3: Legs
To make the legs, fold each chenille stem in half. Twist the halves together and pinch the ends together to hold in place. Fold the leg pieces as shown in the picture below.

Once you have made 8 legs, attach 4 to each side of the pot using hot glue.

Step 4: Display
Once the paint and glue are dry, you're all set! I set these on a pumpkin display but I think it would also be fun to thread a small rope through the bottom of the pot to hang it from - like a spider hanging from a web!

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