My Farmhouse Pantry Closet Organization Makeover

Pretty farmhouse style pantry organization makeover ideas
The way I made over my pantry closet into a pretty farmhouse style pantry is still one of my all-time favorite organization makeovers.

If you are looking for some pretty and practical farmhouse style pantry organization ideas, stick around! 

Before I got started, my pantry closet had been a hot mess and I needed to get it under control. 

After looking at some different pantry organization ideas on Pinterest, I had an idea of the direction I needed to go but I needed to execute it farmhouse style!

I work a lot with Cost Plus World Market in a few different contexts. 

I sent them a list of all my pantry organization ideas and they agreed to partner with me to make my pantry organization makeover a reality! (Thanks, World Market!)

Almost every item used in this makeover can be purchased at World Market stores or on the World Market website

Check out the Shop This Project section at the bottom for links to where you can buy everything I used!

How I Organized My Pantry:
A Farmhouse Style Pantry Makeover


Every good pantry organization makeover needs before shots, right? If we go all the way back to my "Meet the Farmhouse" tour you can see what we had to start with:
pantry organization ideas
We ripped out the gross carpet, painted the walls and put things away. 

We were putting our money into other parts of the house so organizing my pantry and making it beautiful were not my priorities. 

We were mostly using the jars we had from the townhouse pantry and bins from the dollar store. 

Then life happened and after a year it looked like this:
pantry organization ideas
I'd almost rather post pictures of myself in a swimsuit than show you guys the ugly, cluttery parts of my house so if you have unkind things to say to me about "how could I let my house get in such a state?!?" please don't. 

But let's be real: I have at least one friend whose pantry also looks about like this so I know I'm not alone out there with the chaotic pantry. Am I right, ladies?


Beautiful farmhouse pantry organization ideas
I feel like I can hear the angels singing! Now this is what I call pantry organization!

Normally I close up the pantry but it's just so pretty to look at and it makes me happy so I've been leaving the doors open like this lately because even when my kitchen is a hot mess with dishes in the sink, my pretty, organized pantry makes me all kinds of giddy.

Would you like a tour? Let's do it!

How I Organized My Closet Pantry

Bottom Shelf

Before, the floor of the pantry was a disaster zone. 

I had extra boxes of ziplock bags, leftover bags of bulk items, picnic supplies, and a big pile of "disposable" grocery bags that I was saving to reuse. 

The only thing I was really doing right was keeping the dog food put away in that pretty white trash can.
kitchen pantry organization ideas
farmhouse style pantry organization ideas for dogfood and large items
To get it organized, I got two Ellie Rolling Hampers to store both the bags and extra bulk items like the big bags of rice, baking soda and picnic supplies.

 I labeled them with mini metal chalkboard signs. Off to the left, I corralled extra boxes of ziplock bags in a large Sebastian crate.

Middle Shelves

It's hard to believe it's all the same stuff in the same space, right? Yay for organization!
pantry organization ideas for cans and jars
how to organize a pantry - farmhouse style pantry organization ideas

One of the things I was doing right before was grouping liking things together - tomato products, baking mixes, spices, smoothie mix-ins etc. 

The problem was that the groups were just kind of shoved together and you couldn't tell where anything was. 

While there was actually a logic to what went into which of the plastic dollar store bins, they weren't labeled and it was hard to tell people where to go to find things.

To get organized, I pulled EVERYTHING out. 

Anything we weren't probably going to eat in the next 6 months, we got rid of. 

Then I started grouping similar things together. 

Once I saw what I had a lot of, I could decide if those things made sense to display in a glass jar (like flour and sugar) or if I had a lot of smaller packages - like for baking mixes, spice packets, etc they went into a crate.

beautiful pantry organization ideas
how to organize a pantry with glass jars
The bulk goods went into glass jars that I labeled with chalkboard labels. I wrote on them with a chalkboard pen instead of normal chalk so that the writing is more durable and won't rub off easily. 
pantry organization ideas with crates

how to use crates to organize a kitchen pantry
I used four large Sebastian crates to organize smaller things like spice packets, baking mixes and more. 

Now everything is exactly where I need it and if I'm doing a baking project, I can just bring the whole crate into the kitchen without multiple trips back and forth to the pantry.

The crates come plain but I decided they needed a little something extra - and my husband was complaining he had no idea where anything was anymore. 

I really love how they turned out!
pantry organization ideas for small bottles
The final thing I added to the baking shelf was a hardware bin lazy Susan

The segmented bins are perfect for organizing small bottles and bags of baking things like flavorings, vanilla, sprinkles, food coloring and more.

Top Shelf

The top shelf was pretty straight-forward to get organized. 
how to organize a pantry
how to organize a pantry with baskets
Using the groups I told you about earlier, I figured out which things made sense to group together and then just put them in baskets. 

When the kids want a snack or cereal or I need smoothie ingredients, I just pull out the whole basket, grab what I need and put it back. 

These are the Charlotte Lined Wire Baskets from World Market. 

The two on the ends are the large size and the ones in the middle are the medium size. 

Just like the hampers, they are labeled with mini metal chalkboard signs

To make them easier to hang, I swapped out the jute cord they came with for some thinner twine and that made it easier to loop through the wire.
how to organize a pantry with baskets

Thank you for popping by to go on a tour of my pantry organization ideas tour!

I think I had some pretty and creative pantry organization solutions that all came together so I hope I inspired you to start your own farmhouse style pantry organization project!

If you have questions, please drop them in the comments.

Shop this closet pantry organization project:

Beautiful farmhouse organization ideas - how to organize your pantry and make it pretty, too!
Items listed from top to bottom as they appear in the photo above.
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  1. Oh, my goodness this is lovely! Great job! I'm semi working on organizing my pantry .. just re-did the flour/sugar/oatmeal containers .. will use some of your cute ideas :-)


  2. Carissa- Nice job on getting your pantry organized. I was looking for some inspiration to tackle mine(cause I live in the real world) it was a mess. Glad I stopped by and enjoyed some of your ideas. Come see me over at sometime.


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