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Elf regret? How to Get Rid of Your Elf on The Shelf

Goodbye, elf! How to get rid of your elf on the shelf and break free! Mom hacks for an elf free Christmas brought to you by Creative Green Living

Do you totally regret getting your kids an Elf on the Shelf

Are you trying to figure out how to stop doing Elf on the Shelf shennanigans and send your elf packing? 

Need to reclaim your time? 

This is the post for you!

If you've been asking yourself when will this elf on a shelf leave??? pretty much as soon as you've gotten him or her out for the year, you may be experiencing Elf Regret.

It's a real thing.

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. You heard of elf on a shelf. Maybe the kids' friends have one. You think why not.

You adopt the elf. Take it home. Name it. 

Everything is fine and dandy until you realize that now your elf needs to do things.

Which of course means you need to figure out what to make the elf do.

The next thing you know, you find yourself constructing elaborate scenes for your elf.
(which of course, now you also have to clean up)

You're up late in bed Googling 101 elf on the shelf ideas.

You get tired of messy elf mischief and move on to trying to find easy and quick elf on the shelf ideas.

But then you hit the point where you are totally over it and just start wondering when is this elf-ing elf going to leave???

Don't worry. I've got your back.

Mamas have to stick together.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Help You Get Rid of Your Elf

How to get rid of your elf on the shelf. Eleven ideas to get your elf to stop moving or to go away completely. #creativegreenchristmas #creativegreenliving #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas

Strategy 1: Keep elf but it can't move

How to Get your elf on the shelf to stop moving

You're not sure the kids can stand the heartbreak of the elf leaving or just not showing up for the year? Try one of these clever ideas that will limit your kids' expectations and keep you from having to move the elf every night.

How to get your elf on the shelf to stop moving idea 1:

Kidgredients had this clever solution for keeping the elf but not having the pressure of having to move it every night:

The elf won't move and it will let your kids practice empathy. It's a win all around.

How to get your elf on the shelf to stop moving idea 2:

Amy from Living Locurto has some clever excuses for why your elf may not have moved one night. Most of these are just one night fixes when you need a short break or if you forgot.
Top 10 Reasons why your elf did not move.
One of my favorite ideas from Amy is the "it's too warm in here for the elf" trick:
2. It’s too warm in your house. Elves live in the North Pole where the temperature is very cold. Often an elf will loose their magic over night when the temperature gets too warm or they use up too much energy making something for you. To make sure the elf has enough magic to leave the next night, gently pick him up with kitchen tongs and place him in the refrigerator for 30-45 minutes. This should restore your elf’s magic.
Although instead of putting him in the freezer for 30-45 minutes, maybe he needs, like, a week long vacation? 

How to get your elf on the shelf to stop moving idea 3:

One of the rules of Elf on the Shelf is that nobody is supposed to touch the elf.

Do you have elf regret? What should you do if you don't want your elf on the shelf anymore? How to get your elf to stop moving or move out.
image from "What happens if our Scout elf is accidentally touched?"
If someone ends up touching your elf on the shelf, it can cause it to discharge all its magic. Yikes!

The official Elf on the Shelf website suggests sprinkling some cinnamon near your elf if this happens since cinnamon is like elf vitamins.

This, they say will give him the energy to get back to the North Pole where the elf doctors can fix him or her up. 

Of course, this is a very serious problem and it might take weeks for your elf to be fully recovered. In fact, he'll probably start feeling better right about December 23rd.

How to get your elf on the shelf to stop moving idea 4:

The Do It Yourself Divas have a collection of nine great ideas for how to get your elf to stop moving

Number 8 is probably my favorite: Put your elf up high with a note that he found the best place to keep an eye on everything so he's just going to stay right there until Christmas.
Ideas for getting your elf on a shelf to stop moving and stay still.

How to get your elf on the shelf to stop moving idea 5:

Oh no, your elf has fallen off of a star and broken his leg and won't be able to move for 2 weeks! 

(or 3 weeks! 4 weeks? How much longer til Christmas?)

Today tells a story of one mom whose elf broke his leg and even includes the cute note he wrote to his family (hint: it even encourages the kids to go to bed on time!)

Why one mom broke her elf's leg. How to get your elf to stop moving and stop getting into trouble
photo courtesy of Courtney Davis Boles/Facebook. Full story on

Strategy 2: Get elf to go away

Excuses for why your elf isn't coming this year or has to leave after arriving

If you don't even want to deal with the elf at all, here are some great ideas for ways to get the elf to not show up or to leave after arriving.

Why your elf on the shelf isn't coming back idea 1:

Do your kids love Harry Potter? Have they made it to the part where (spoiler alert!!) Harry Potter frees Dobby by giving him a sock?

Tell them you (or someone else) gave Dobby, er, Scout, a sock so now he's a free elf and is probably on vacation somewhere in the Bahamas.

Why your elf on the shelf isn't coming back idea 2:

Building on "he has clothes so now he is a free elf" idea, this one involves a little trickery but at least the kids will be involved so they will know how your elf ended up with clothes.
Elf on the Shelf ideas - how to get your elf to go away.

Amazon sells tons of elf on the shelf clothes. Decide as a family wouldn't it be so fun to get sparkles a Christmas sweater???

Pop onto Amazon and pick out the perfect sweater or skirt for your elf and order it.

When it comes, the family can all give it to the elf together. 

That night, of course, the elf will disappear and leave a note about how he is so grateful to have been freed of his house elf duties. Thank you so much for the clothes. You're great kids, bla bla bla.


Why your elf on the shelf isn't coming back idea 3:

Nadia from Teach Me Mommy had this story to share about how their elf never came:

"Our Elf got lost in transit-true story! But he will be leaving a letter on the 1st (saying he needs to work at the toys factory at the North pole since he has been promoted) and some goodies for the Advent Calendar, so they won't feel too sad, hopefully..."

Why your elf on the shelf isn't coming back idea 4:

You’re so good you don’t need the elf anymore. You guys have been so good all year that Santa decided the elf needed to go to a different family this year.
This one is my favorite. Of course, if that's not quite true for your children, there's always reason 5...

Why your elf on the shelf isn't coming back idea 5:

Ok, so maybe your kids aren't angels and they won't believe you for a second if you tell them that the elf isn't coming back because they have been just so well behaved.

Enter, the Santa spy cam.

Now, I'm personally a little creeped out about normalizing government surveillance but if you aren't, your elf can send a note saying he has been promoted and so Santa will just keep an eye on everything with a Santa spy cam (shudder). 

How to get rid of your elf on the shelf - Lots of elf on the shelf ideas for getting your elf to go away

Why your elf on the shelf isn't coming back idea 6:

Have your elf send a letter explaining that due to the international pixie dust shortage, Santa doesn't have enough dust to send out all the elves AND make it around the world to bring presents to the boys and girls on Christmas Eve. 

Of course he is opting to save that up until Christmas Eve. He'll just have to trust that you are being good in the meantime.
Santa hat with pixie dust and Christmas tree

If you liked this ultimate guide to how to get your elf on the shelf...

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11 Proven ways to get rid of elf on the shelf. Elf on the Shelf ideas to get your elf to stop moving and ideas for how to get rid of your elf. Creative ideas for getting your elf to go away or excuses why he can't come this year.


Maybe you're not quite ready to kick your elf to the curb. Maybe sending him gently into that good night is more your style? Check out these blog posts from my friends:

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