How to Paint Marbled Easter Eggs


Hi friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft sharing a fun paint marbling craft!

Marbled Easter eggs make stunning Easter decor and are simple to make!  

The results you get from learning how to do a marbling technique are amazing and a surprise each time. 

 It's a great craft for any skill level--beginners to advance crafters will love to marble a dozen or more eggs.

How to Paint Marbled Easter Eggs
learn how to get beautiful marbelized Easter eggs with this easy paint pouring technique

Marbled Easter Egg Supplies

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Folk Art Marbling paint is formulated perfectly for marbling -- no diluting, no water and no guesswork needed!


How to make marbled Easter eggs step 1: Bullseye!

Begin by pouring a little paint in the bottom of a small cup.

Then add another color in a dime size quantity.

Continue building a bullseye pattern with the colors of desired paint.  Until you have about 1/2 ounce of total paint.

How to make marbled Easter eggs step 2: Criss Cross

Use a toothpick to make a slash through the paint in an X shape.

How to make marbled Easter eggs step 3: Pour!

Place the eggs on the drying rack over the disposable pan.  Gently pour the paint right onto the egg.

STEP 4: Repeat!

My original plan was to marble half a dozen eggs...which quickly turned into a full dozen.  They are simple and addicting!

Let the eggs dry completely.

How to make marbled Easter eggs step 5: Admire! 

Once the eggs are dry, they are ready to be admired!  They can be hot glued onto a wreath for the front door, set in a basket or used as other decorations.

How to make marbled Easter eggs step 6 (OPTIONAL): Gold Glitter 

Looking at the underside of the eggs isn't as thrilling.

There are some drips and lumps.  If you want the eggs to be tossed around without worry, finish off the underside.

Use a hobby knife to gently lift off any lumps of paint.

Then use either Gold Glitterific paint to fill in the backside of the eggs with some metallic sparkle OR mix a small amount of biodegradable gold glitter with a little bit of Mod Podge to make your own eco-savvy glitter paint!

Apply the whichever glitter paint you are using to the back of the eggs.

 The thick and chunky glitter is the perfect finishing touch!

 Let the gold glitter dry completely.

Then toss them in a basket or in a tall glass vase for the perfect Easter chic decor.

That's it!

How to make marbled Easter eggs. This easy easter craft uses fake eggs (craft eggs) so that they are reusable year after year. This marble painting technique is easy to do and perfect for the whole family! #creativegreenliving #easter #eastercrafts #eggdecorating #marbledeggs #marblepainting

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