Free Download: customizable Bee Birthday Party Invitations

In order to personalize these files with the fonts shown, you will need to download the following fonts to edit the text:
  • Gabriola
  • ITC Garamond
Please note that while I created these files and am offering them as a free download, I cannot provide technical support for how to personalize them. You will need some kind of photo or graphics editing software (I use Photoshop but anything that allows you to work with layers in TIF files should work) as well as some know-how. 

Once the files are complete, I upload them to my favorite photo printing service and print them as 4x6 photo prints and send them as cards.

(Pro Tip: Sign up for ebates for free and get discounts and cash back at photo printing services like SnapFish and Walgreens)

LEGAL NOTICE: Permission is granted to users (that would be you, dear reader) for unlimited personal, non-commercial use of these files. Please do not sell products made using my free templates. It's not legal and it's just not nice.

If you have any difficulty getting the files to download, or if you have suggestions for better ways to manage free downloads, I would love to hear them!

Sample of Completed Invitation:

This is what the editable template looks like:
(add your own photo and update text to include child's name, age and party details)