How to Make Recycled Fourth of July Table Lanterns - Page 2

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Insert Light Sticks
I used two packages of patriotic glow wands - each comes with 6 mini glowsticks about the length of a bracelet: 2 each of red, white and blue. *PRO TIP: Buy lots of extra glowsticks. Of the 12 glow sticks I purchased, 5 were duds.

Crack your sticks and shake them to activate the glow. Insert them into your old jars.

Fill the Jars with Water & Close Lids
You can optionally add glitter and a drop of dish soap to the jars. When shaken, the glitter catches the light and the dish soap helps it stay suspended. 

With Glitter:

Without Glitter:

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That's it! It does not get any more simple than that.
Use the lanterns to decorate your outdoor tables, line your walkways or use them to mark important things in the dark so you don't get lost or trip on hazards.

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