Review Policy

Creative Green Living is a PR friendly blog that frequently reviews and evaluates products that may be of interest to readers including:
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Craft supplies
  • Food products
  • DIY supplies, including paint, power tools and home renovation items
  • Cooking tools and resources, including those for canning and food preservation
  • Books, including cookbooks
  • Gardening supplies, seeds and tools
  • Homemaking supplies and resources including appliances and services such as housecleaning
  • Children's items
  • Parenting resources, including homeschool items and family-friendly entertainment
We are committed to honest reviews as well as sincere kudos for the products and services we recommend. We commit to:
  • Only recommend products we have real life experience with.
  • Honestly discussing products in reviews - including their assets and areas to improve if any.
  • Not giving artificial praise for products. If we don't like a product submitted to us, we allow the company to opt out of the review process. If a company still chooses to participate it is with the understanding that the product will receive an honest review.

Review FAQ's
How do I get you to write about my product or service?
To have your product, book or service reviewed and/or to schedule a giveaway, please contact me for more information and current rates.

What does the review process include?
After receiving your product, I will test it and craft a review post. Reviews are given a permanent location on my site. This will pay off for your company well beyond the post date as potential customers research your product and find my review through Google.  Product campaigns are also given exposure to thousands of followers via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, rss feed and the e-mail newsletter. You may also opt to include a giveaway as part of your product's review. 

I noticed you frequently write tutorials using products you are reviewing. Why?
Creative Green Living has a strong preference for publishing tutorial or content based reviews. See an example of a tutorial-based review here and a content based review here. These types of reviews are more interesting to readers and will give your product or service better exposure than simply informative reviews. We will occasionally do purely informative reviews. Please contact me for more information.

Will you come to my event to talk about or demo my product?

Maybe. Carissa and other Creative Green Living writers are available to teach workshops, create original projects, tutorials, recipes, attend conferences or help you with other forms of brand representation. Please contact me to let me know what you have in mind.

I have a great press release or infographic. Can I send it to you to publish on your site?

With the exception of issues related to GMO foods and GMO food labeling (and issue I am passionate about), I do not re-publish press releases or infographics. The primary reason for this is that I only review or recommend products I have real life experience with.

What happens if you don't like my product?
I am selective regarding the products that I agree to accept for review and do my best up front to make sure the product is something I would probably like as well as something that would appeal to Creative Green Living readers. Because of this up front screening process, it is rare that I agree to review a product I do not like.

If I have received a product to review and do not love it, I will contact you to see if the issue is one that we can resolve. My goal is to keep reviews on my site positive so if the issue is unresolvable, I will also give you the option of opting out of the review process to avoid having a negative review published online. Because it is important that readers can trust my thoughts on things, if you choose to move forward after being given the option to opt out, I maintain my promise to readers to discuss your product and my experience with it honestly.