Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Bling: Garden Markers Four Ways

If pink flamingos, garden gnomes and flashy garden art aren't for you, cute plant markers are a great way to add a subtle hint of style and fun to your garden.  I've been working on a few different styles of garden markers lately for Fat Dog Farms and have had fun both making them and sprinkling them throughout the garden.

Stamped Silverware Markers
Make these from used, thrifted, or inexpensive silverware. You'll need to pick up a metal stamping set (I got mine on Amazon for about $20). I've got a mini tutorial for how to make these that lives here.

Glass Gem Markers
These are made with large glass gems from the Dollar Tree. Printed designs are mod podged to the backs of half the gems (the backs of the other half are painted white). The gems are then glued together and to the top of the sticks. I twisted some raffia with a drop spindle to help twist it to a more rope-like texture and wrapped  it where the stick and gem pairs meet. The tutorial I piggybacked on to make these is here.

Stamped Clay Markers
I saw some cute stamped clay markers over on the Reese Dixon blog that I loved and was planning on making until I saw someone combine clay and what looked like vintage knife handles on Facebook somewhere so I went this direction instead. I love these! I think they are super fun and colorful.

Chalkboard Markers
Little wooden plaques painted with chalkboard paint and framed with twigs make fun little markers. Probably not super practical for using in the middle of the garden where it might be subject to downpour and sprinklers but sheltered porch plants or plants growing inside would be great homes for these fun little markers. I ended up selling all of these so I didn't have any left for me, but I'm planning on making more for the fall sale.

If you're looking for some more garden bling (plant markers or otherwise) I've got some fun projects from all over the internet pinned on my Garden Crafts pinterest board.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. These are SUPER cute! As a teacher, I love those chalkboard markers the best! What a great find!

  2. oh wow, wonderful creations, adorable and inspiring! love all of them, i just might buy the supplies to make those! thanks for sharing!

    I'm your newest follower, blog hopping from homemaker on a dime Creative Blogger's Party hop!

    Susan (

  3. These are some fabulous ideas! The stamped silverware is my favorite.

  4. Really cute ideas....I have been saving these ideas because at Christmas I want to make some and tie a handmade seed packet onto each one...thanks for sharing

  5. I've just recently begun to see the fork things and I am not such a fan. But those glass ones???? AMAZING!!! I love them!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I am loving these! I even have the gems! I see some of these in my future! I am your newest follower! I would love it if you stopped by my blog and became my newest follower! Super cute idea!

  7. Thanks for letting me know about these! We just did some gardening.

  8. Great ideas! Thanks for pulling these together!

  9. I think the glass gem ones are my favorite! What a cute list.
    I found your blog through Skip to My Lou!
    I am following your blog and would love a "follow back" - Come by and see me at if you have a chance!
    Have a great day!

  10. What awesome ideas! I need to something this creative in my garden :) Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Those glass gem ones really pop! {Though they are all cute}

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!

  12. I'm your newest follower! Such a great blog you have here!

  13. What a great round-up! I made some of these for my boyfriends mom, but they faded. I should have used better paint :P

  14. These are all great ideas. I especially love the glass ones.

  15. what a great collection of ideas! thanks for sharing them with us

  16. I love these ideas!! I'm your newest follower.

  17. i love it :) I am now following you :)

  18. you are really talented!!! i am your new follower!!!

  19. Love those! The forks are my favorite!!

  20. What fun little garden ornaments! I'm stopping by as the guest judge for the CSI project :)
    happy crafting!

  21. I love these! As soon as I have my herbs I'm going to make the glass jem ones :) Thanks for sharing!


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