Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Upgrade Your Cabinets with Chalkboard Paint

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Ever since I painted my refrigerator with chalkboard paint  last summer I've had plans to tackle the insides of my cabinets. Having cabinet insides painted in chalkboard makes it easy to keep notes or recipes handy without cluttering your fridge or counter with paper. I can jot down the recipe for iced tea, make a shopping list and more!

I used the tape sent to me by FrogTage® to make the project really easy. FrogTape® is treated with PaintBlock® technology to create a microbarrier which seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed and keep paint lines crisp. I think you'll agree that the results turned out great!


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Step 1: Tape
Apply FrogTape® Delicate Surface tape to the inside of your clean cabinet door. My door already had a convenient groove that runs around the perimeter, so I taped along that edge as a guide.

Step 2: Prep
To make clean up easier, I like the line the inside of my paint tray with aluminum foil. I just used the little tray that came with the chalkboard kit and lined it with foil before adding the primer 

Step 3: Prime
Pour a small amount of primer into the foil-lined tray. Use a foam brush to paint in the groove (if you have one) along the inside of your taped area. Next, roll a foam roller in primer and use it to fill in the rest of the area. Allow to dry approximately 1 hour.

Step 4: Paint - first coat
Discard the foil lining from the tray and re-line with foil. Pour a small amount of chalkboard paint in the foil lined tray. Once again, use a foam brush to fill in the groove (if you have one) along the inside of your taped area. Next, roll a foam roller in the paint and use horizontal strokes to fill in the rest of the area. Allow to dry approximately 1 hour. Wrap used roller and foam brush in foil while waiting for paint to dry.

Step 5: Paint - second coat
Unwrap the roller and foam brush from the foil. Add more paint to the tray if needed. Use the foam paint brush to paint the grooves and use the foam roller to apply paint using vertical strokes to fill in the rest of the area. 

Step 6: Remove tape
Remove tape and allow to dry overnight.

Step 7: Prime
Before using your chalkboard surface, you need to prime the area by dragging a piece of chalk sideways over the whole surface and then wiping it off with a rag. 

Step 8: Draw
Once your chalkboard surface is primed, you are ready to start doodling!

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  1. I've been considering doing this for awhile, but haven't made the jump! I love how yours turned out!

  2. I totally need to do this for reminders for the hubs! Only problem is he would probably erase things and then pretend they were never there to begin with hehehe.


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