Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Make Easy Frozen Inspired Party Centerpieces

It's that time again - Birthday Season! Every spring my best friend's daughter has a birthday and that means my son's is just around the corner. This year, Miss E decided to have a Frozen themed birthday party. The party was in a gymnastics studio so that meant less work as far as prep - no games, etc to plan. We just had to bring some decorations for the tables for cake and presents time.

These centerpieces were easy to make and then double as fun party favors! Just let each guest choose a snowflake wand to bring home and practice their freezing powers. Alternatively, you could use a weaker glue (like hot glue) so that the snowflakes will pop off the wands and can be used as Frozen inspired bedroom decor after the party (try hanging them from the ceiling on clear filament line - high enough to not be a safety hazard, of course!).


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Step 1: Make wands
Make wands by gluing the dowels to the base of the snowflakes and number using the wood glue. 

Step 2: Paint
Paint the wands as desired. I painted the number 5 with light blue paint (pond+wedding cake) and then topped it with teal glitter paint (feldspar). I used three different snowflake shapes and painted one white (wedding cake), one blue (pond) and one silver (pure platinum). The handles were all painted white (wedding cake).

Step 3: Decorate
To fancy them up, I added adhesive gems and snowflake stickers to both the snowflakes as well as the five.

Step 4: Bases
To make the bases, fill a glass vase a little less than halfway full of marbles. I used a mix of clear and blue marbles from Dollar Tree in my bases.

Step 5: Assemble
To assemble centerpieces, plunge wands into marbles to hold them standing upright. Use snips to adjust length of wands as needed to stagger them to make them stand at different heights for added interest.

Place one centerpiece in the center of each round table or make a line of them to go down the center of a rectangular table.

As an extra bonus, you can send the snowflake wands home with party guests as a favor!

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