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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift Ideas for Crafty Teens & Tweens

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Your daughter, friend or niece is the creative type. She sews, doodles, makes friendship bracelets, knits, crochets, adores washi tape and glitter - or maybe she just aspires to those things. Whatever her favorite crafting medium is, here are my favorite gift ideas that every crafty teen or tween is sure to love long after the snow melts!

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Best Gifts for Crafty Teens & Tweens

Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson
Not only does this book give you great step-by-step tutorials for how to make more than 100 projects, but the book comes with 10 rolls of washi tape! It's easily $15 worth of washi tape - making the book an incredible value. The projects range in difficulty from beginner to more advanced making it easy to find a project perfect for everyone.

Pair it with...
(comes with 16 rolls of tape!)
This is another incredible value - 16 rolls of washi tape for less than $16 - PLUS an awesome spinning dispenser. Pair this with Amy's book and your daughter will be in washi crafting heaven!

DIY T-Shirt Crafts by Adrianne Surian
Adrianne sets out to prove that making something stylish doesn't have to take forever or require expensive supplies. Using the humble t-shirt as her canvas, she teaches you how to make 50 different projects that you can make with supplies you already have on hand.

Pair it with...

This scissors set comes with a little pair or nips - perfect for picking out seams as well as a full size pair of fabric shears. The pink lining in the handles provide a nice grip that makes them easy to use.

Duct Tape Mania by Amanda Formaro
This is another book full of fun, approachable projects and even a few crazy ones! Everyone will have fun learning how to turn every teen's favorite tape into something fun to wear or use.

Pair it with...

Give Duct Tape Mania alongside a fun multi-pack of Duck Tape (Duck really is the best brand of duct tape). If your daughter likes a particular character or movie, there are lots of character Duck Tapes available that you can add to this variety pack for the perfect custom blend of tapes.


This is the same book I used to teach myself how to knit 10 years ago! If your daughter has been itching to learn to knit, this is the perfect starter set. It comes with a set of needles, a crochet hook, darning needle, buttons and a book. The book is a great reference for knitting basics and includes instructions for how to make 6 different crafts, too!

Pair it with...

These pom-pom makers are fun to use and an easier way to make poms than techniques that use cardboard or forks. Every knitting project inevitably ends with leftover yarn, and pom poms are a fun way to use it up!


If baking isn't something your family does a lot, making cookies can turn into an expensive endeavor. The recipe might only call for 1 teaspoon of an ingredient - but you really need to buy a whole box in order to do that! $40 later you can make a recipe for 4 dozen cookies - which is way more than most people know what to do with! The Scratch and Grain kits use all-natural ingredients and come with all the ingredients except buter and eggs. Everything is pre-measured for you - which makes it easy for the beginning baker. It's kind of like Easy Bake Oven - but for big kids.

Pair it with...

Your daughter will love having her own fun tools to use in the kitchen. I like these because not only are they fun, but they are made with non-toxic silicone and they are high heat tolerant. That means if your budding chef accidentally leaves it in the pan, she won't melt it in the food or burn the house down!


We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley
I haven't had a chance to see this book in real life yet but it came highly recommended by one of my favorite crafty tweenagers whom I trust. She said her favorite thing to make in this book are the headbands but there are 28 total projects that you can make with very basic sewing skills.

Pair it with...

If your child wants to learn to sew, buy a real machine - not a rinky dink "mender" or machine that only does one stitch. Those machines often break and won't give you a good sewing experience. While you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a sewing machine, this basic version will do everything a beginner could possibly want to do for a much lower price point. This particular machine is a more basic version of the one I use - but it still has 17 different types of stitches and the ultra easy drop-in bobbin system. 


While "adult coloring" is the trendy new phenomenon, teens and tweens often appreciate the more detailed and intricate designs these books offer. One of the conundrums colorers face is what to do with their artwork when they are done. This book of postcards is perfect because it gives the satisfaction of coloring the beautiful images but then they can tear the cards out to send to a favorite friend or relative when they are done!

Pair it with...

Valentina Harper is one of my favorite adult coloring book artists. Now some of her best illustrations are available in a sticker book. The stickers can be used on everything from handmade cards to scrapbooks to school supplies. What a great way to show off your art!

Pair it with...

These watercolor pencils are used just like regular colored pencils but when you brush over them with water, the colors bleed together and look absolutely stunning. This is definitely grown up coloring at its finest. This brand is easy to use and blends beautifully.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide for crafty teens and tweens. If you're shopping for a crafty teen or tween this year, I'd love to know what you are planning to get them! Leave a comment below or tell me in the facebook group!

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature - this is an awesome gift guide. Love all of it! xo


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