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The Best DIY Bath Bomb Recipes to Make at Home

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How to make bath bombs - even better than Lush bath bombs
If you are addicted to Lush bath bombs, why not save some money and learn how to make bath bombs at home? Most of these recipes make multiple bath bombs, so keep some for yourself and give some to your girlfriends! Who wouldn't love a little fizzy bomb that you can drop in your bath tub to make bubbles, soothe your skin and make you smell good? Lucky for you, Lush isn't the only place to get bath bombs - several of my favorite bloggers have great tutorials for how to make bath bombs that will have you crafting your very own bath fizzies in no time!

Learn how to make bath bombs using simple ingredients found in most kitchens combined with essential oils to add a soothing or cheering effect. My favorite essential oils are from Rocky Mountain Oils - so skip the overpriced oils from multi-level marketers and get high quality, reasonably priced oils from them. In addition to the essential oils you want to use to scent your bombs, stock up on some of these bath bomb essentials:

Learn how to make bath bombs at home - they're even better than Lush bath bombs

How to Make Bath Bombs:
Bath Bomb Recipes You Have to Try

how to make DIY bath bombs
DIY Rose Bath Bombs
from Beauty Crafter
In addition to smelling absolutely delightful, rose has been used homeopathically to help regulate menstrual cycles and the anti-microbial properties have been thought to be especially healing to the skin, helping to sooth scratches and stretch marks.

how to make bath bombs - natural headache remedies that really work
Headache Remedy Bath Bombs
from Happy Mothering
If you or someone you love is prone to headaches, whip up some of these natural headache remedy bath bombs to have on hand when a soak in a relaxing bath is in order in order to help soothe away the pain.

how to make bath bombs - easy DIY bath bomb recipes
Donut Bath Bombs
from Sugar, Spice and Glitter
Move over, Lush, a new fabulous bath bomb is in town! These donut bath bombs from Suger, Spice and Glitter are equal parts adorable and great for your skin. They're a little on the tiny side so depending on the size of your tub, you may need more than one.

How to make DIY bath bombs at home
DIY Sleepy-Time Bath Bombs
from Fit as a Mama Bear
When it's time to unwind at the end of the day, pop one or two of these sleepy time bath bombs in the tub to help soothe away your stress and soften your skin at the same time. Pretty soon you'll be sleeping like a baby!

Learn how to make bath bombs - even better than Lush bath bombs
Fall Cookie Bath Bombs
from Diary of a Working Mom
If pumpkin spice is your favorite, you will love these fall cookie bath bombs. Of course if you're worried someone in your house might eat them, you could also make them using a traditional bath bomb mold so they don't look quite so edible.

how to make bath bombs just like lush bath bombs
Citrus Fizz Bath Bombs
from Happiness is Homemade
Heidi from Happiness is Homemade says these are so easy that her four old can practically make them by himself! Is you are looking for an easy entry level bath bomb recipe that's hard to screw up, this looks like it would be the perfect recipe for you!

Easy DIY bath bomb recipe - learn how to make bath bombs at home
Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs
from Bitz n Giggles
Everyone loves rainbows! Making these sweet bath bombs with rainbow sprinkles helps give them a little bit of pizzazz as they start to melt in the water. 

learn how to make DIY bath bombs at home
Citrus Bath Bombs
from Mama Instincts
Enjoy the bright, sweet scent of citrus in these fun bath bombs from Mama Instincts. Both mama and her babies will enjoy these yummy bath treats.

Learn how to make Lush bath bombs as home
Pumpkin Pie Spice Bath Bombs
from Busy Mom's Helper
Relax to the comforting scents of pumpkin and spice in your bath with their Lush inspired bath bombs from Busy Mom's Helper.

How to make bath bombs - easy DIY bath bomb recipe
DIY Lavender Bath Bombs
from Mama Instincts
With a combination of lavender, lemon and peppermint, these bath bombs would make a refreshing bath additive during allergy season to help keep your body's allergy response at bay. Not allergic? That's ok! They still smell divine.

How to make DIY bath bombs at home
Mason Jar Bath Bomb
from The Country Chic Cottage
Angie from The Country Chic Cottage is the queen of all things mason jar so it's no surprise to me that when she set out to make bath bombs, she also set out to make them shaped like adorable mason jars! She even teaches you how to make your own mason jar shaped mold for this project.

easy DIY bath bomb recipe
Homemade Strawberry Bath Bombs
from Mad in Crafts
Jessica from Mad in Crafts has multiple spa inspired recipes on her site but these strawberry bath bombs are a great starting point! I love how she keeps it real about how her first attempt at making these exploded! Whoa! Don't worry, though, because she tells you how to make sure yours don't explode, too!

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