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How to Make a Baby Groot Planter

I love baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.  The baby version of him makes his sacrifice in the first movie so fun.  He didn't die and we get to enjoy a cuter version for a while.  I love at the end credits of the first movie to see him dancing in the planter to the music. This recycled version is like a Guardians of the Galaxy chia head - but more fun!

Apart from my love of baby Groot, I also love to craft with recyclables!  Here's the full tutorial for this fun little Groot planter using recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls. It's a great craft for the kids for summertime!


  • 3-4 empty toilet paper rolls or 2 paper towel rolls
  • 4 inch plant pot or other recycled plastic container
  • Moss, pebbles or soil filler
  • Bird seed, grass seeds or chia seeds
  • School glue
  • Styrofoam ball or filler for planter
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STEP 1: Soak

Soak the paper rolls in a bowl of water until they open up.

STEP 2: Mold like Clay

Tear strips of the paper and roll 4 long pieces for the legs and arms.  The edges can and should be rough and tattered.

STEP 3: Build Body

Line up the legs and arms and then use strips of paper and wrap them around the torso, between the legs and waist.  The wet paper sticks to itself, so it's pretty easy to wrap.  Young children might be frustrated with this technique, but older kids should get it.

STEP 4: Form the Head

Take some paper and roll a ball, continue to wrap it in pieces of paper until it is slightly over-sized for the body you made.  I tore a rough edge to wrap around it with the angle of Groot's head.  Press a pencil or your finger in the base of the head, this will help with assembling on the body later.

STEP 5: Glue and Bake 

Lay on a baking sheet and add some white school glue right on top.  You can forgo this step, as the paper dries hard enough on it's own.  Then bake it in the oven at 175F for 3 hours.  Or you can let it air dry over a couple days.  You can glue the head on the neck at this point, but I opted to wait until after drying.

STEP 6: Assemble

It looks a little bit like a voodoo doll!
 Add some glue right on the neck
 And fit the head snugly in place.

STEP 7: Plant!

Now you have some options.  You could tie some twine on Groot, cover with some peanut butter and cover in bird seeds and hang on the tree. I decided to do a planter.  Fit the styrofoam ball or other filler in the pot.
Next fill the pot with some moss, potting soil or pebbles before inserting Baby Groot.

STEP 7: Add a face!

Use a permanent marker to add a little face.  At this point you could just sit back and enjoy your baby Groot as a decoration but I want to turn mine into a fun planter!

STEP 7: Add Seeds

To add seeds to your new friend, adhere them with a little peanut butter.
 Just add a little peanut butter to the head and arms.
 And sprinkle with seeds.  I used bird seed, but using grass seeds or chia seeds and misting with a spray bottle would be so fun for kids to see the grass grow, just like sprouting Groot!  Kids would love giving their new friend a hair cut in a week because the grass grows so fast.

I am Groot!

I love doing crafts with items that would normally get thrown out.  TP rolls are a huge contender.  This is a great summer craft to do with kids!

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