Monday, January 17, 2011

Dollar Store Christmas: Birdhouse

Frugal Gift 4: Birdhouse

At first I really wanted to make my own birdhouse from scratch from twigs but realized I had NO IDEA how to do that. While cruising the web for a useful tutorial, I was totally inspired by these bird houses over on the Better Homes & Gardens website. Taking their lead, I bought a pre-fab birdhouse in the craft department of Walmart, painted it grey, and covered the walls in twigs using hot glue. I didn't really have sheet metal readily available for the roof, so I made little shingles for the roof by peeling of chunks of bark and gluing them down one at a time. I am really happy with how this turned out.

Cost for rustic-looking birdhouse: $3.50
* Pre-Fab Birdhouse: $2.50 at Walmart
* Paint: On hand
* Hot glue: $1 for a pack of glue sticks @ Dollar Tree
* Twigs & moss: Gathered from branches blown down in a storm

This post is a part of my Dollar Store Christmas round up 2010 series. Full post here.


  1. Super cool birdhouse! Love the rustic look. I'm visiting from the CSI Project. I have a linky party every Tuesday where bloggers can link up their projects for $10 or less. Stop by sometime!

  2. Two words - LOVE IT! I have always wanted to make a bird house too, but came across the same problem as you. I will have to make some for my yard this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Found you at the CSI project.


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