Panda Bear Wear: How to Make a Panda Ear Headband

What are all the stylish pandas wearing to birthday parties this season? Panda ears!
Way better than party hats and a more useful party favor than a bag full or candy or small plastic dollar store toys.  They took a while to make all of them but were pretty easy to do.

Get some plain plastic headbands. You can get a two pack at the Dollar Tree that comes with one black and one brown headband...or if you're making a small army of panda ears, you can order multipacks of plain black headbands online (I got mine from Plume Delight on Etsy)

Cut out some ear shapes with tags at the end (they end up looking kind of like mushrooms) from either felt or polar fleece

Split the tag part up the center to the base of the ear

Cross the two little legs and glue them together at the end

Arrange the ears along the headband. Panda ears are spread pretty far apart. If you put them too close together near the top, you'll get something more mouse like.

Once you've got them where you want them, wrap the tags around the band and glue them down. I used hot glue because I wanted them to set quickly.

Put it aside and keep on going till you have a little army of panda ears.

and enjoy as your guests panda it up at the party.

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