Camping Hack: Turn a Headlamp into a Lantern

Are you spending any time this summer camping? We recently took a test "camping trip" (in quotes because it was more like an outdoor sleepover and less like camping) with our 3 year old to see how he would do sleeping outside for the night.

As we were packing up, we realized we'd lost our Big Maglite Flashlight and only had a single headlamp. For three of us. I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about using a milk jug to disperse light so I grabbed an empty laundry detergent bottle, filled it with water and brought it along.

It totally works! We were able to disperse light on our table and in our tent and it had a convenient ergonomic handle for carrying around. All without having to spend money on buying a new flashlight or lantern. We'll definitely be doing this when we go camping again.


  • Empty translucent plastic bottle (like a milk jug or laundry detergent jug)
  • Water
  • Headlamp


Step 1: Rinse 
Clean out the jug from whatever contents were in there previously. This is especially important if your jug had contained food.

Step 2: Fill
Fill the jug with water.

Step 3: Light
Put the headlamp strap around the jug and point the light into the side of the jug. The light will disperse through the water and plastic and create the perfect amount of glow for lighting up a table or a small tent.

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  2. And when the car battery won't start the car next morning? . . . . .

    1. I'm still trying to figure out what car batteries have to do with this project...

    2. I think he thinks you mean headlight instead of head lamp.


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