How to Make Bee Party Favor Bags

I'm slowly but surely putting up tutorials for all the crafty things my crafty friend, Niina and I made for my son's third birthday party with a bee theme. My goal was to send the kids home with something they could actually use instead of little plasticy trinkets.

I personalized cloth bags with their names hoping that makes it more interesting to keep around. We also used the bags during the party for a fun "bee hunt" activity. They got to take home the bees they found on their hunt as well as pet "bubble bees" in their new bags.


  • Yellow Cloth Bags - I got mine at the Dollar Store
  • Black craft paint
  • White "puffy paint" style fabric paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Newspaper to protect your surface
  • Scrap cardboard cut into strips


Step 1: Get Set Up
Lay out newspapers to protect your work surface. Squeeze some black craft paint onto a plate or scrap cardboard. Cut strips of cardboard to be the same size you would like the yellow stripes to be and lay them across the bag.

Step 2: Paint
Holding your cardboard strips down securely with one hand, use the other hand to pounce the paint onto the surface of the bag to create stripes

Allow the bags to dry before flipping over to paint the other side.

Step 3: Personalize
Use the white puffy paint to add the names of each child attending the party to the top of the bag.

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