How to Make a Mini Kitchen Laundry Basket

We use a lot of cloth supplies in our kitchen and dining room. Between dish towels, cloth napkins, and dishcloths our kitchen can sometimes generate quite a bit of laundry - and some of it is rather wet or messy. Since we live in a two story townhouse - and of course our kitchen and dining room are not on the same floor - we sometimes end up with small piles of laundry either on a kitchen counter or at the base of the stairs to take up later. 

In addition to being kind of gross, having a pile of dirty laundry is not a good look. Using a dollar store plastic storage bin, I made a cute mini laundry basket perfect for containing sloppy kitchen messes. Ours stays on our bottom step but under your kitchen sink might make a good home as well.


*I really like my Cricut Mini and find it helpful for all kinds of crafts and projects around my home (check out some of my other cricut projects here). If you don't have a Cricut, though, you can follow this technique for vinyl lettering without a fancy machine.


Step 1: Make the Letters
Open the Cricut Craft Room software (it comes free with your Cricut). Create a text box with the word LAUNDRY. Choose any of the fonts in Cricut craft room. You can buy lots of really cool fonts, but this easy blocky one comes with the software. 

Step 2: Cut
Follow the instructions that came with your Cricut to cut out the word from the contact paper. Tell it you are cutting vinyl but then set the pressure to one setting lighter than recommended for vinyl.

Step 3: Peel and Stick
Carefully peel up your cut vinyl letters and stick them to your tote. 

That's it! Easy peasy.

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disclosure: I was given a Cricut Mini and access to Cricut cartridges by Provo Craft in hopes that I will use them to create projects to share on my blog. I have not been compensated for creating this project or writing this post. Project is my own original creation. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Links in supply list are my affiliate links.

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