How to Make a DIY Pretend Teacher Kit

As a mom, I am not a fan of disposable toys. Plastic doo-dads that light up and break easily are my least favorite kid things ever. Especially since my son is happy to play with a cardboard tube or a zucchini for hours. So when we have an occasion to give a gift to another child we try to make it one of three things:

When one of our little friends turned five, we went to the store with the idea of finding her some cute clothes but saw teacher supplies on sale and thought they would make a great imaginative gift. This little girl is future CEO material - she loves to play games like Mom, Teacher or Real Estate Agent (that's what her mom does) where she gets to be in charge. According to her mom, the teacher supplies are a huge hit and one of her favorites. Yay!

What's In It?

I personally bought all of these supplies at Target. It is currently September and back-to-school season is in full swing. I'm not sure they carry these supplies year round. Here are some similar items I found through my affiliate partner, Amazon, for your convenience when creating your own kit.
Check your local dollar store as well. I know mine carries a variety of school and teacher supplies - all for a buck!

We wrapped each thing individually in tissue paper when gifting it to make it more fun to open but everything fits inside the folder which keeps it from being messy and driving mom bonkers!

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  1. Love this idea! Audrey would be ALLLLLL over this! And she loves to give gifts like this, as well. We often try to put together a little "kit" for birthday gifts, and this one is just so smart! Especially for our little "business" women daughters!

  2. Emersyn LOVED this gift, thank you friend!!!


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