Shark Costume Tutorial {Easy & Inexpensive!}

This summer I showed you how to make a shark fin t-shirt over on Dollar Store Crafts for shark week. Building on the shark shirt we already had, we were able to pull together a super easy shark costume in no-time and for less than $10.


  • Shark Shirt - $3
    • two grey t-shirts
    • double sided extra firm iron-on interfacing
    • sewing machine or needle & thread
    • permanent marker
    • paper
    • iron & press cloth
    • scrap cardboard
  • Long sleeve shirt in black, white or grey, on hand
  • Grey pants, on hand
  • Grey hat, $1
  • Grey mittens, $1
  • Black fabric scraps
  • Stuffed fish props, $1 each


Step 1: Shark fin shirt
Make the shark fin shirt following the instructions on Dollar Store Crafts.

Step 2: Hat
Cut two circles of black fabric (felt or fleece work well) and use hot glue to adhere to the sides of the hat. 

Step 3: Get Dressed
Get your child dressed in the grey pants. Layer a long sleeve shirt under the shark shirt for warmth. Add the hat and the grey mittens for fins. We also picked up a couple of stuffed fish at the dollar store to use for props.

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