35+ Ways to Re-Use Glass Jars

I've mentioned my glass jar hoarding problem before. I only call it a "problem" because it makes my husband feel better. In reality, I think I'm a genius! There are so many great uses for glass jars that it makes sense to have a stash of them and not start adding them to the recycling bin until you're squeezed every last ounce of usefulness from them. Here are more than 35 ways to re-use glass jars!

Super Hero Jar Toy Storage from The Country Chic Cottage
Food Storage in Your Pantry 
(post includes free printable storage label template) from Creative Green Living
 Vintage Apothecary Style Vitamin Storage Solution from Homework
Roy G Biv Crayon Storage Solution from Fireflies and Jellybeans

Color Dipped Party Cups from Sweet C’s Designs
Make a Cute Sugar Jar from Creative Green Living
Elegant Burlap Wrapped Party Cups from One Artsy Mama
Make a Mason Jar Cakeplate from HomeMadeville
Glass Travel Mug with Straw from Creative Green Living
Nautical Soap Dispenser from One Artsy Mama
Powdered Sugar Dispenser from Turning the Clock Back
 Turn a Glass Jar into a Soap Dispenser from EcoKaren

Ladybug Shaped Bug Jar from Creative Green Living
DIY Butterfly Feeder from Homework
Mason Jar Hanging Lantern from Glue and Glitter
Winter Mason Jar Lanterns from The Thinking Closet
Store Seeds from Homegrown Flowers on Creative Green Living
Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights from The Country Chic Cottage
Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns from DIY Inspired

Fairy Light Jar that Really Works from Sweet C’s Designs
Shabby Chic Doily & Burlap Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda
Frosted Mason Jar Vase from The Country Chic Cottage
Epsom Salt Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda
Sisal Wrapped Twine Vases from Domestic Superhero
Tint it for Vintage Look Colored Vases from Homework
Beaded Frost Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda
Burlap and Lace Vase from One Artsy Mama
Silhouette Mason Jar Wedding Vase from The Country Chic Cottage
Shell Souvenier Jars to Remember a Trip from Homework
Beachy Striped Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda

Personalized Toothpick Jar from The Thinking Closet
“Dad Rocks” Jar from Creative Green Living
Teacher Survival Kits from DIY Inspired

Many of these are for specific holidays but can be modified for any holiday you wish!
Halloween Luminaries from Creative Green Living
Fourth of July Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda
Patriotic Glow Stick Lanterns by Creative Green Living

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  1. Nice compilation!

    I am fortunate to live in rural Idaho, but one downside is the inconvenient hours and distant locations of recycling services. The health food store in town (30 min away) provides an excellent service by having a spot in their store where people can bring their clean glass jars with lids for others to take to use. They also accept egg cartons for use by people like me who raise their own eggs and they have a bin for aluminum. It's not comprehensive, but it is a lot better than nothing. Also, these are reUSED (like in your article) not just recycled, which is better. :)
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  2. What a fantastic list! I'm honored to be a part of it! Woo hoo! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks so much for including a few of my projects in this fab roundup!!

  4. Great list of project! Thanks for including mine! :) off to check out all the great links!


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