How to Make an Easy Burlap & Glitter Valentine Heart Banner

Easy to make Heart Banner
I love decorating for holidays but since holiday decor isn't something I keep up year round, I want it to be quick and easy! I don't want to spend all day making something fancy that I'll only look at for a few weeks. This cute burlap and glitter heart banner is not only super easy but it's affordable, too! I used a 50% off coupon to get ths roll of ribbon for only $4, a package of hearts were only $1 and I had the jute twine on hand already.


  • 1 Spool of 2.5 inch wide burlap ribbon (this one is similar to what I bought)
  • 1 package glitter hearts from dollar store
  • Wax paper or scrap cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Jute twine


Step 1: Make Garland
Cut four inch long pieces of ribbon from the spool. Fold the ribbon in half "hot dog" style and cut out a notch to make the notched banner shape. Fold the top 1/2 inch of ribbon over to the back. Hang the pennant pieces on a long piece of jute twine, by resting the twine in the gutter created when the 1/2 inch tab was folded to the back. Using hot glue to secure. Be sure to work over a piece of wax paper or scrap cardboard, though, as the hot glue may sneak out the holes in the burlap!

Step 2: Add Hearts
My bag of glitter hearts from the dollar store came with both pink and red foam hearts in two different sizes. I chose to alternate large and small red hearts down the banner. Secure the hearts to the burlap using hot glue.

That's it!
Nothing lie a super quick, super easy adorable Valentine's Day decoration! Hang your banner on your mantle, across a window or on a door.

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  1. What a great idea using the wired ribbon!

  2. I love this so so much. The colors go so great together and who doesn't love a banner? Hopefully I can make this for my classroom. Thank you! :)


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