Dinner & a Movie: Five Ways to Make Date Night In Special (plus GIVEAWAY)

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While getting dressed up and going OUT for date night might be every parents' dream come true, the truth is that going out isn't always in the cards. Whether it's babysitting issues or lack of cash (because seriously, dinner and a movie isn't cheap!) sometimes we are faced with the choice between date night at home or no date night at all. 

Date night in doesn't have to mean watching new episodes of House of Cards in your yoga pants - mix it up and have as much fun as going out with minimal effort.

Tip 1: Dress up the table

Pulling out your pretty dishes and setting the table up for a wow factor can make any dinner at home feel extra special. The secret to a fabulous looking table? Layers! 

Layers are not hard to add and really add some wow. Here is how I achieved the layered look in the pictures...

Easy layers:
Lay a blue floral paisley table runner across the table. This serves as a placemat for both you and your date. Add a driftwood charger, laying a cloth napkin on the top of the charger as shown. Add a fork, spoon and knife from the Danieli flatware collection to the sides.

Add a dinner plate from the Nantucket collection on top of the charger and napkin.

Fold the napkin over the top of the plate.

Add a salad plate on top of the folded napkin.

Add stemless wine glasses for water and stemmed wine glasses to hold either wine or World Market Blackberry Pomegranate Soda.

Of course all of the table settings featured here were found at my local World Market store. You can can also buy online by following the links above.

Tip 2: Get pretty

Especially if you are like me and are either a stay at home or work at home mom. Seriously. Step away from the yoga pants and ponytail! How fancy you get depends on your personal style but even throwing on a dress and lipstick can go a long way to making your date time at home feel fancy.

Since you're making dinner, too, throw a cute apron over your clothes to keep everything nice. World Market has super cute aprons in all kind of styles and color schemes - you' be sure to find something you love.

Tip 3: Dress up easy food with plating & garnishes

You don't need to spend hours slaving in the kitchen to make fussy, complicated food. When served on a pretty plates and garnishes, simple foods look professional!

A simple salad of organic baby spinach with sliced cucumber and strawberries with sliced almonds on top looks great on the white plates. Set out olive oil and balsamic vinegar for drizzling a DIY dressing.

Serving on white dishes makes an easy plate of spaghetti with jarred sauce really pop! 

Serve vanilla ice cream in personal size trifle bowls with chocolate orange rolled wafer cookies as a garnish. 

Tip 4: Make a cozy nest

Following dinner, get ready to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. One huge advantage of movies at home is the snuggle factor! Bring cozy blankets and pillows into your living room to snuggle up and watch a movie on the couch - try doing that in a movie theater!

Tip 5: Serve fancy popcorn

You can't have movie night without popcorn! Skip the microwaved stuff and all the creepy chemicals they line the bags with a pick up some flavorful pre-made popcorn from World Market. My two favorites are the World Market brand Organic White Cheddar Popcorn and the American Farmer Kettle Corn (it's GMO free!)

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