How to Make a Moss Covered Monogram

I've been working and dreaming and internet stalking my way through nesting projects in anticipation of our new little guy arriving sometime in June-ish. A couple weeks ago, I made some cool textured woodgrain monograms to put in the boys' new shared room and wanted something else to tie them together. 

The texture of the moss and woodgrain look great together. While this is for a children's bedroom, I think this could make a great wedding craft for a rustic woodland wedding as well!

See how great they go together? Learn how to make the wood monograms here.



Step 1: Glue
Use your hot glue gun to cover small areas of your monogram with glue and then with moss. 

Continue working until the whole monogram is covered. Do not be afraid to let some hang over the edges even though it's not very pretty. Don't worry! I'll show you how to clean it up!

Step 2: Wrap around
Even though your monogram looks more like a moss covered yeti than something cute you want to hang on your wall at this point, do not fret! It's easy to clean it up.

First, flip your monogram over.

A little bit at a time, start adding hot glue to the very edge - don't try to do more than about a 1 inch strip at a time. Once you have glue there, use a pen or chopstick to help you wrap the moss around the back and hold it in the glue like so. Don't use your fingers! This part is messy and you will get burnt.

Just keep going along all of the edges. Once you're done, flip it back over and like magic it's so much prettier!

If you have any bare spots, go ahead and fill them in with the help of your trusty glue gun and chopstick or pen. That's it! You're done!

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