Monday, May 19, 2014

{Kid Craft} How to Make Fairy Rocks for Your Garden

I love decorating my garden with funky art pieces - especially when they are kid made! When a palette of Glamour Dust paint landed on my porch along with a bag of rocks, I knew we'd be in for a fun, kid-friendly art date! Turn your rocks into plant markers, doodle on them and scatter them about or just make a collection of sparkly rocks to brighten things up.


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Step 1: Paint rocks with Glamour Dust
The glamour dust paint is really beautifully sheer. A single coat will leave fine glitter the color of the paint on your rocks. Multiple coats will help the rock actually look that color (and glittery to boot!)

Step 2: Add Designs
Once the glitter paint is dry, you can use permanent markers to decorate the rocks. I added a few fun designs like ladybugs and butterflies. I also turned one into a garden marker for lettuce and wrote fun messages on the others. Except for one of his rocks, K preferred to leave them plain and sparkly.

Step 3: Seal
If you are planning to leave your rocks outside in the weather, seal them with Martha Stewart Decoupage medium. I used the glitter formula because it is not only sparkly but it is weather proof (unlike the glitter Mod Podge) and will keep your rocks looking great for a long time. Apply at least two coats, waiting for the first coat to dry completely before adding the second.

That's it!
This craft is super easy and simple - the way kids crafts should be! Here are pictures of our finished rocks to help inspire you:

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FTC Project Materials Disclosure: In compliance with the FTC guidelines for bloggers, I am letting you know that I did not purchase the materials for this craft project myself. The rocks and Glamour Dust paint were sent to me by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day as part of a promotion with no obligation to use or write about the products. I only ever write about products that I like and actually use - and think you will, too!

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