How to Make a Glow in the Dark Stick Figure Costume

How to Make a Glow in the Dark Stick Figure Costume #CreativeGreenLiving

Are you scrambling to come up with a good last minute, no-sew Halloween costume that won't break the bank? This costume is inexpensive and a perfect last minute DIY to make with some dollar store glow sticks. Be a solo stick figure or be a whole family or squad of stick figures - this costume is totally customizable so swap out the colors, add some sweet hair or even a cute skirt!


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Video Instructions
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Step 1: Put on your black clothes
easy #cheapcostumeidea #creativegreenliving

Step 2: Open glow necklaces. Crack and shake to activate.

Step 3: Bottom
Use packing tape to secure two necklaces side by side, running down the front of the hoodie. Split apart at the bottom to form legs.

Make a loop at the bottom of two more necklaces to form feet. Attach the leg/feet sticks using packing tape, overlapping where the torso split off.

How to Make a Glow in the Dark Stick Figure Costume #creativegreenliving #cheapcostume

#creativegreenliving #cheapcostume #easycostume

Step 4: Top
Tape one necklace down each arm, overlapping in the middle above the chest.

Use necklace "clasp" pieces to join two necklaces and use this long length the make a circle large enough to encircle the opening of the hoodie, taping the overlap the extra to the sides.

Attach to clothes with packing tape.
#creativegreenliving #costumeidea #dollartreecostume

Step 5: Glow Baby, Glow!
#creativegreenliving #stickmancostume #quickeasycostumeidea

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  1. Works even better with the face painted black. I can see a bit of his face reflecting the light from the glowsticks, and the effect would be more dramatic even with the lights on.

    1. There's a great idea. I'm personally concerned about the chemicals in highly pigmented face paint but a ski mask might be a good alternative as well


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