How to Organize Sippy Cups and Baby Bottles

If you're like me with little ones at home, you probably have your share of bottles and sippy cups. If you're not careful, it's easy for them to multiply like rabbits and get a bit out of control. Case in point?

Here is a before shot of the cabinet we store our baby bottles and sippy cups in. It's admittedly not as bad as it could be but still - it needed a lot of help. Especially since when things get crowded, my husband just starts shoving stuff place where is doesn't belong and the whole thing spirals out of control quickly. (ahem)

With a couple dollar store drawers and my handy label maker, I had the cabinet straightened out in less than 15 minutes.
(For those wondering, here is what we use: the pumping bottles are Evenflo Glass Bottles in both 4 and 8 ounce size. We use Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle for feeding. Next to those are Sili Squeeze Spill-Proof reusable silicone squeeze pouches that we use for feeding purees on the go. My favorite steel sippy cups are the The Safe Sippy but you can also see a OrganicKidz stainless steel bottle with a sippy conversion kit on it in front.) 

Have a sippy cup shelf that needs organizing? I'm here to help!

Six Tips for Organizing Baby

 Bottles and Sippy Cups

Tip 1: Sameness is your friend
If you have a lot different types and styles of bottles or sippy cups, it's only going to exacerbate the clutter problem. Having lots of the same thing makes keeping things where they belong easier. Pick your favorite style or two of bottles and sippies and get rid of the rest. If they are nice, you may be able to sell them. Otherwise, donate them to another mom in need.

Tip 2: Don't keep more than you need
Do you rarely use the bottles in the back because you just keep washing and reusing the ones in front? If you have more than you need, get rid of the excess. Keeping more than you need takes up valuable cabinet space and makes it harder to keep what you have neat and tidy

Tip 3: Use drawers to organize small parts
Use drawers (I used two small drawer sets from Dollar Tree) to organize small parts like lids and nipples. We had a ziplock bag in there and not only was it ugly and bulky but we had to dig through it every time we needed something. Now all I have to do is open the drawer marked "lids" to get exactly what I need.

Tip 4: Organize by zones
This is part of the beauty of keeping all of the same thing - they line up really nicely. My cabinet has all my pumping bottles on the left, then my feeding bottles, food pouches, sippy cups and then small parts drawers.

Tip 5: Label things
I used my DYMO LetraTag Plus Handheld Personal Label Maker to make clear labels so that other members of my family (of the ones that can read anyway!) know exactly where to put items back. Check out how awesome everything looks with labels:

Tip 6: Plan what to do next!
Doesn't it feel great to have that chaos under control? The fun doesn't have to stop here, make plans for what area you want to clutter bust next. 

Need ideas? Check out my other posts on organization as well as posts on cleaning.

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