Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Clever DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers {no mugs allowed!}

If you have any friends who are teachers you probably know: they have no shortage of mugs. With the popularity of reusable plastic straw cups, most of them have started growing quite a collection of those as well. So what's an appreciative family to do? Most of us agree that we want to give our teachers something they will both like and actually use. Here are 10 ideas for DIY teacher gifts that they are sure to love - no mugs allowed! 

Turn an Empty Can into a Giftable Planter
{from Creative Green Living}

After making the adorable planter from an old can, pop in a plant like an herb, succulent or pansy.
Extra credit: Attach a tag or note thanking him/her for helping you "grow"

Personalized Sticky Note Holder
{from Paper Wings}

These sticky note holders are so stinking adorable. They are also something your teacher is sure to use!
Extra credit: Write a note on the top sticky thanking your teacher for "sticking with me" through the year.

{by Paige Ronchetti for Creative Green Living}

Especially great for home economics, art or cooking teachers. 
Extra credit: Use fabric markers to write a note on the lining signed by your student

Vase from a Mason Jar + Fresh Flowers
{by Jenny Raulli for Skip to my Lou}

Fresh flowers are a simple gift that most teachers love. They also have a finite life span and won't create clutter
Extra credit: Be sure to download the printable tag in that photo by clicking on the link above!

Gift Card (with cute printable)
{from Fabulously Frugal}

Teachers love gift cards because they can spend them on exactly what they need most. Whether your teacher love Starbucks, Jamba Juice or Target, the girls at Fabulously Frugal have a cute printable card idea to accompany your gift card

No-Sew Pocket Tote Bag
{from Creative Green Living}

Unlike mugs, one can really never have enough reusable bags!
Extra credit: Include a gift card for a place she can take her bag shopping. Popular choices with teachers are learning supply stores, the dollar store, office supply stores and Amazon.

{from The DIY Mommy}

Now that school is out, teachers can do more exciting things with their evenings than grading papers - like enjoying a movie! Put together a gift basket with some organic candy (Legit Organics is a CGL favorite!) and a gift card to your local theater

"Donut I'd Do" Printable Treat Bag
{from Confetti Sunshine}

This is one where you have to know the teacher a bit. If your teacher is like my husband, it will win you points for best classroom mom ever. If your teacher is a health nut, try the idea below instead!

{from Creative Green Living}

More versatile than a mug and less toxic than a plastic straw cup, a glass water bottle is a portable way for your teacher to enjoy their favorite cool beverage.
Extra credit: Write a clever tag or note thanking her for helping your student "quenche their thirst" for knowledge.

Edible Chocolate Flower Arrangement
{from Tikkido}

If your teacher loves chocolate, this is sure to be a hit. Not only is it clever - but it's edible and there's no guilt about not keeping a sentimental gift forever and ever.
Extra credit: Tie a gift tag around the jar with a note of thanks for helping your student grow.

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