How to Make a DIY Jewelry Dish

Hi, everybody! I'm Paige from Little Nostalgia (blog no longer active) and I never met a piece of jewelry I didn't like. Sparkles are my siren song. The downside of this fixation is the hoard I've collected over the years and how it manages to end up all over the house. I'm careful about not getting my jewelry dirty or wet, so I realized I needed some little dishes to plop things into when I'm, say, making a big plate of nachos before binge-watching Mad Men. Because let's be real, am I going to put my rings away every single time I take them off? Nope! It's time for a jewelry dish (or several) to make life easier. Here's how you can make one for yourself or as a gift.



Step 1: 
Break the clay in half and knead it for a few minutes before rolling it out onto some wax paper. (Some of you bakers might have a rolling pin handy, but I used a wine bottle. #classy) Both kneading and rolling will take a few minutes since oven-bake clay is a little firmer than what you'd use in a pottery class, for example.

Step 2: 
Once your clay is about 1/8" thick, peel it off the wax paper and stick it to your patterned item. I used the lid of a ceramic jar, but literally anything with a 3-D design will work. The key to this part is pressing firmly and evenly so your pattern is the same depth all the way across. I had to do mine a second time because half of it was too shallow. Whoops!

Step 3: 
Carefully peel the clay away from the pattern and put it back on the wax paper. Bust out that cookie cutter and choose your favorite part of the design as the final shape of the dish. Press firmly and wiggle.

Step 4: 
To turn this floppy piece of clay into a dish, pinch the edges upward. It's up to you how shallow or deep you want it to be. Once you're done, place it on a tinfoil-covered cookie sheet and bake according to the label. I used Fimo and they specified 30 minutes at 230 degrees, but yours may vary slightly.

After letting the dish cool for a few minutes, place it wherever you need a jewelry receptacle and pat yourself on the back for wrangling some clutter. If you're in the market for a gift idea, I love the thought of making these for Mother's Day, perhaps paired with a piece of jewelry. Some would also be nice for a bride.

Do you have jewelry dishes around your house? Have you ever made your own? What's your favorite thing to make out of oven-bake clay?

About the Author: 
Paige Ronchetti is an interior decorator and blogger who writes about DIY projects, decor inspiration, and personal style over at Little Nostalgia (blog no longer active). When she's not blogging, she's working with local clients through The Room Kit, her budget-friendly interior design business. Her favorite books are Harry Potter. Follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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