How to Make a Personalized Glitter MagicBand

DIY glitter magic band tutorial

Back in March, I showed you how to make a Captain America MagicBand. The band was pictured with my purple glitter band so today I want to show you how I made that one! 

It was so fun having my own personalized MagicBand when we were at Disney World - nobody else had one like it.


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Step 1
Use masking tape to tape off the grey edge of the MagicBand (figure a).

Step 2
Use the small paint brush to apply decoupage formula to the Mickey symbol only (figure b). Dust with white glitter and tap off excess (figure c). Allow to dry.

Step 3
Paint the decoupage formula all over the band (but not on the Mickey symbol). Dust with purple glitter and tap off excess. Don't worry if some stuck to the white glitter over the Mickey (we'll fix it in a bit). Before setting the band aside to dry again, poke the toothpick through the holes of the band to make sure they are clear or glitter and glue (figure d). Peel off masking tape and set aside to dry.

Step 4
Use a soft, dry paintbrush to gently brush over the surface and remove excess glitter (including any purple glitter that stuck to the white mickey). Paint over the entire glittered area with decoupage formula to seal the glitter and be sure it doesn't flake off. Use the toothpick to clear the holes. Set aside to dry.

Enjoy your personalized MagicBand that looks like no one else's!

Need more MagicBand inspiration? Check out my tutorial for a Captain America inspired MagicBand here:

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  1. How do these hold up? Any cracking with use?

    1. After wearing it for a week, I did have a couple small spots crack by the holes. If I were to do it again, I would do at least 2 top coats and let it sit for a few weeks to cure before my trip.

      The Captain America had no issues.


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